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We are concentrating first to refine the patriot casualty information. The alphabetic list of all rumored BKM participants will get attention later. In it we can show which group we placed that soldier into, if at all. To avoid clutter, we will put the individual biographic sketches on different pages, maybe in 07Oct1780.com (which has been reserved). It will have space for biographical information for each individual. Next, we will improve the militia unit rosters for which the patriots (mostly) volunteered. We will move beyond the Bobby Moss list to correct a few and add those learned from new evidence. By grouping in regional units, local specialists can help to refine the lists.
Alphabetic List Soldiers and suspects from all sources
Two patriots
An acute interest is to construct the virtual bronze replacement for the 1909 BKM bronze plaque. Sgt. James Curry, not Pvt James Corry died at BKM. Col. Steen did not die at BKM. Humberson Lyon was active in Washington Co VA after BKM. Was Humberson Lyon Jr killed at BKM? Private John Grier was wounded, but is among the unknowns acknowledged on the plaque. Let’s set the record straighter.
Patriot Casualties

With better research and digital expertise than my analog effort, we can make a hundred improvements like the sample biographical sketch.

“Crude sample virtual bronze plaque

In the following charts, Indicators: k=killed, d=mortally wounded, x=does not belong, a=absent from Moss’ list, w=wounded, ?=dubious Evidence source shows federal pension application file number where known. Evidence B8 and B19 are the Beattie and Bowen roster in RevWarApps.org. Posting updates to the charts is a tedious chore. As ongoing research changes them, they will lag behind the latest information. These views are of value to see the placement of the Patriots around Kings Mountain. All for one and one for all. Most of the Whigs were fighting for liberty regardless of captain and readily moved wherever needed. With the fluid changes of command, some of them are likely shown under an earlier or later commander instead of their BKM unit. These rosters are tedious and time consuming to recreate, so some additions and corrections could be delayed for weeks.


Col William Campbell brought his Virginians from Washington County out of bounds. With orders to defend his county from Tories, he re-interpreted the order to “Fork Ferguson.” About 200 went to Sycamore Shoals. Col. Arthur Campbell brought about 200 more.

Col Isaac Shelby brought about 240 from Squabble State, Long Island, and Evan Shelby’s Fort.

Col John Sevier brought about 240 from Watauga Settlements of over mountain NC.

Col Charles McDowell’s Burke County militia was scattered. Major Joseph McDowell returned from Watauga with Campbell, Sevier, and Shelby. He brought back some 160 of the Burke County men and they picked up stragglers along the way.

Col Benjamin Cleveland led the well organized Wilkes County militia to Quaker Meadows to join the over mountain men.

Major Joseph Winston under Col Cleveland, brought the Surry County contingent.

Col James Williams took some things from Laurens/Newberry SC to his brother’s place near Hillsborough NC for safe keeping. There he recruited some central NC and VA militia men and headed back to Salisbury. They picked up some remnants of Gen. Sumter’s SC forces including Col Edward Lacey, Col Andrew Hampton and Col Thomas Brandon’s militiamen and proceeded to Cow Pens. Col. McDowell had gone to get the governor to appoint a general for the two to four thousand soldier gathering patriot army. Unwilling to wait while Ferguson escaped, the officers’ council chose Col. Campbell to lead them across Broad River.

-from Gen Rutherford’s old Tryon County militia (Lincoln Co NC) under Col William Graham, but Graham went home for an emergency leaving  Major William Chronicle in command,
-some Georgians of Col Elijah Clarke’s militia under Captain William Candler
-some regular army wandering paroled prisoners from Charleston
-some local SC patriots

About 920 with good horses left Cow Pens Friday night 06Oct1780, hot on the trail of Patrick Ferguson.

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