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This “virtual bronze monument” is sustained by Andrew Jackson Chapter, Tennessee Society, SAR. Compatriots, family, friends, and neighbors from chapters of National Society Sons of the American Revolution and its state societies from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia welcome you. We wish you an enjoyable visit. Ask others to protect the things for which the Kings Mountain patriots fought.

Volunteers have contributed their efforts in remembrance of the patriots who fought at Kings Mountain on Saturday October 7, 1780. All rights under copyright laws are retained. Feel free to use this material for non-commercial, patriotic, and personal purposes with clear acknowledgement of its source. Note that continuous improvements could change any material which you have copied. We welcome your input through the “contact us” tab herein.

Many sources are noted within the content, such as county Deed Book number, Will Book, or court journal date. Some authors works are cited. Some Draper Papers manuscript index references are included. Much after battle detail may be found on the internet. South Carolina audited account and Federal Pension Application file numbers are shown. Several links to other internet sources are contained within. If you have a question, please ask it. We can post or link to the answer so that someone else can benefit, too.

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