Sycamore Shoals Muster

Sycamore Shoals – Some sources state that 900 patriots mustered at Sycamore Shoals (Watauga River ford near Fort Watauga) on 25Sep1780. The over-mountain commanders sent some home.

Commander Mustered            to Battle

Campbell         600                  400

Sevier              300                  250

Shelby             300                  250

Hampton           80

McDowell       120

Georgians            ?

Est                          1400

Of the approx. 1100 patriots who departed toward Quaker Meadows, about half were in the battle at Kings Mountain. About half the patriots at Kings Mountain were from the Atlantic watershed. McDowell and Hampton added to the Watauga refugees when they passed through Burke and Rutherford counties. Colonels Cleveland, Williams, and Lacey joined with more Carolina troops.

When 930 patriots left Cowpens on Friday evening 06Oct1780 to catch Ferguson’s men before they could join Lord Cornwallis, about a thousand more remained at Cowpens because they were not fit to travel without some rest.
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