Patriot Casualty Details


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Legend for colors:
Name on the 1909 monument plaque:
Killed Mortally Wounded Wounded Needs a Volunteer
Name missing from monument plaque:
Killed Mortally Wounded Wounded a rumor
John Allison William Anderson
Robert Baker Sergeant of Virginia militia wounded
Benoni Banning Jacob Barnett David Beattie John Beattie
Captain Bell Obadiah Martin Benge William Lewis Benge
Ezekiel Berry Ezekiel Berry neighborhood map click, zoom and drag
William Berry Thomas Bicknell Thomas and Rachel neighborhood. Click, drag, and zoom
William Blackburn William/Elizabeth Blackburn neighborhoods. Click, drag, and zoom
Joseph Blackwood Reece Bowen Rees Bowen John Boyd
William Bradley Braadley area map thumb tack x.
John Brown Philip Bullen William Bullen
Alexander Caldwell You may click the contact us tab and volunteer to adopt a patriot.
Caswell County soldier maybe Jacob Van Hook’s brother
John Childress John Chittim more John Chittim info
William Chronicle James Coile Samuel Colville  James Conn James Corry
William Cox James Curry James and Mary Curry neighborhood map click, zoom, drag
Jonathon Davis Joseph Dobson Jr. Missing from Kings Mountain monuments Jonathan Douglas
Nathaniel Dryden Ensign Nathaniel Dryden neighborhood click, zoom, drag
David Duff James Dysart
Andrew Edmondson Robert Edmondson Jr. the younger Lt. Robert Edmondson more Robert Edmondson info
Lt. Robert Edmondson Captain William Edmondson
Captain Samuel Espey Espey area map Click, drag, zoom.
John Fagan Ebenezer Fain John Fields Frederick Fisher
William Fowler John Fox Aaron Franklin
Martin Gambill John Gebie William Giles
John Gilleland William Gilmer Nathaniel Gist Richard Gist
Miles Goforth Preston Goforth Goforth area map Click, drag, zoom.
Charles Gordon John Greer
Frederick Hambirght Hambright area map click, zoom and drag.
Charles Hamilton Martin Hammond William Hannah
Israel Hayter Israel Hayter-thumb tack X click, zoom and drag.
Henry Henigar John Henry Joseph Henry Moses Henry Robert Henry
Robert Henson John Hicks
James Hill Leonard Hise James Houston George Hutson 
Joseph Rogers James Joseph Rogers James places click, zoom and drag. Samuel Johnson
Devault Keller David Kerr McCall SC Ranger w/McDowell’s militia
Charles Kilgore Charles Kilgore – marker B
James Laird William Lenoir
James Martin Lewis Joel Lewis more Joel Lewis info Micajah Lewis
William Lusk Humberson Lyon III contains map link
Michael Mahoney Captain Samuel Martin’s soldiers John Mattocks
Robert McCulloch Thomas McCullough Henry McDaniel
Robert Miller ® William Moore more Wm Moore info
Patrick Murphy Joseph Neely Benjamin Neighbors
Samuel Newell Map link inside
Joshua Nichols
Henry Parks Arthur Patterson Sr Patterson Neighborhood
John Peery Thomas Peery William Peery James Phillips James Porter
William Rabb John Rainey Joseph Reed William Robertson
John Scaggs Maiden Spring neighborhood Click and zoom.
Robert Sevier Moses Shelby Joseph Simmons Daniel Sisk John Smart J.M. Smith Minor Smith William Steele James Steen © William Steen

Thomas Talbot Josiah Tanner Thomas Toms Brother Trammel John Tubb
Richard Vernon
Virginia officer of the 13 listed on 08Oct1780 unnamed
Henry Wakefield Robert Walker John Wallace
William Watson of North Carolina William Watson of Virginia
Abram Whitener
John Wilfong of Catawba County North Carolina
James Williams Some James Williams locations map. Click, drag, and zoom

Was Joseph Black even at Kings Mountain? You be the jury. Hint: Dr. Bobby G. Moss wanted books back for maintenance.

Joseph Black sample Fighting Parson misteak sample

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