All the King’s Horses

As folks supplement, correct, or challenge the printed content of their interactive All the King’s Horses books, we will post the results here. If you have a question or suggestion or carping criticism, click on the contact us tab.

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Color pics for the book

More Battle of Kings Mountain people info

Revolutionary War pensions, more details.

Early edition errata, ignorance, and additions:

Limited proof copies for edit were printed and a few sent electronically prior to September 2014. They showed that I had my wires crossed, perhaps unplugged. My brain and fingers were not in the same gear. East vs west, latitude vs longitude, etc. Various appearance, layout, readability, and factual errors were corrected.

p2-Virginia Paul was allowed a horse and later permitted to go to Lord Cornwallis.

In early editions, the two Robert Edmondsons had some information from one posted to the other. See the casualty details link under the BKM people tab for untangled info.

Thomas McCullough’s residence was shown as NW of Black’s Fort. Should be NE.

In early editions, William Ridge is erroneously listed as mortally wounded. In a deposition, Captain Salathiel Martin indicated that Ridge died after the Battle of Kings Mountain, but Martin did not state that he was in his company. In fact, Ridge was a Tory. Known holders of that error were advised to strike through William Ridge and write Tory in both the index and text.

In the chapter Rumors We Spread, battlefield dimensions section, a reference to Draper page 507 should have been page 587.

George Hutson was left out. The remedy is to select Hutson from . When it opens, print the page from  . Fold in half and insert after James Houston in your book. Then pencil him in the index after Houston.

In early drafts, Aaron Franklin and Thomas Talbot are missing. You may print from the Patriot Casualty Details web page and insert their bio briefs into your book.

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