Did you know?

The revolution from the folks on other side of the mountain
People, places, events, and attitudes
Planks in the platform of our consitution

Andrew Jackson – “Go west young man. Go west.”
Augusta County VA – Many of the overmountain men had roots in old Augusta County
Celebrating Victory – “We won for our nation.“
County Formation – “Spreading beyond the Blue Ridge” 
Commerce – “Commerce in rural settlements”
Capital Formation – “Accumulation and improvement” 
Fincastle Resolutions – “Hillbilly predecessor of constitutional ideas” 
Flags – “Early flags of the American Revolution” 
Frederick County VA – “Revolutionary ideas develop for 40 years” 
Land –Land issues of settlers
Liberty Hall – “Liberty Hall Academy” Washington and Lee University.
Joseph Martin – “General Joseph Martin” 
New Acquisition District SC – “Andrew Jackson State Park” 
Positive or Negative? – “Positive or Negative?” 
Proclamation of 1763 – “Property rights” 
Property – “Property in founding documents” 
Quarterly Sessions – “About Quarterly Session Courts” 
Religion – mostly Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran

Sister’s commitment – “Resoluions in song” 

Whig vs. Tory – “Did patriots wear wigs?” 
10 State Union – “A premature treaty?”

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