Obelisk East Face

1909 Kings Mountain Obelisk

This project is to build a virtual bronze plaque on the internet which presents true descriptions of the patriots of the Battle of Kings Mountain.

1909 northeast face plaque.
Changes between the 1909 and the 1880 inscriptions are italicized.

Col James Williams
Lt Col James Steen Died 1781
Maj William Chronicle
Capt William Edmondson
Capt John Mattocks
1st Lt William Blackburn
1st Lt Reece Bowen
1st Lt Robert Edmondson Sr
2nd Lt John Beattie Ensign
2nd Lt James Curry Sergeant
2nd Lt Nathaniel Dryden
2nd Lt Andrew Edmondson Private
2nd Lt Nathaniel Gist /Private Richard
2nd Lt Humberson Lyon Private
2nd Lt James Phillips Private
Private Thomas Bicknell
Private John Boyd
Private John Brown
Private David Duff
Private Preston Goforth
Private Henry Henigar
Private Michael Mahoney
Private Arthur Patterson /Died 1803
Private William Rabb
Private John Smart
Private Daniel Siske
Private William Steele
Private William Watson
Private Unknown

Mortally Wounded
Capt Robert Sevier
1st Lt Thomas McCullough
2nd Lt James Laird
Private Moses Henry

Lt Col Frederick Hambright
Maj Micajah Lewis
Maj James Porter
Capt James Dysart
Capt Samuel Espey
Capt William Lenoir
Capt Joel Lewis
Capt Moses Shelby
Capt Minor Smith
1st Lt Robert Edmondson
1st Lt Charles Gordon
1st Lt Samuel Johnson
1st Lt Samuel Newell
1st Lt J M Smith
Private Benoni Banning
Private William Bradley
Private Philip Bullen
Private John Childers
Private John Chittim
Private William Cox
Private John Fagon
Private Frederick Fisher
Private William Giles
Private ____ Gilleland
Private William Gilmer
Private Israel Hayter
Private Robert Henry
Private Leonard Hyce
Private Charles Kilgore
Private Robert Miller
Private William Moore
Private Patrick Murphy
Private William Robertson
Private John Scaggs
24 Unknown

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