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1780-Lodi, VA, 1788-Neely’s Bend (Opryland), 1792-Edmondson’s Station (Ashland City), 1816-Nolensville Pike at Old Hickory Blvd (Tusculum, Liberty Hall classmate Samuel Doak founded Tusculum College)

[Washington Co. VA Deed Book 1 p. 19] 19Aug1782, Robert Edmundson of the one part and William Edmundson Senr. of the other part both of the County of Washington and State of Virginia – for and in consideration of the sum of Five shillings in hand paid hath granted bargained and sold one certain Tract or parcel containing two hundred and fifteen acres be the same more or less being part of a tract granted to Col. William Edmundson by King George’s Proclamation in the Year 1763… bordering white oaks on Andrew Buchanans land… Signed: Robert Edmondson and Isabella Edmundson. Wits: Thos. Edmeston, Andrew Buchanan and Wm. Edmiston. Recorded 20 Aug 1789

Land originally granted to William Cochran, Nov. 30, 1796, was deeded by Cochran to John Dickson. This deed was witnessed by Robert Edmondson. The land was located in Dickson County on both sides of Bartons Creek and on John Nesbitt’s corner.

Will Book 4, 449, Davidson County, Tennessee
26Apr1816, Estate of Robert Edmondson deceased 13Apr1816.
Note-John Buchanan $50
Note-William Caldwell to hire a negro woman at $30/year
Note-Daniel Allen $50
Account-Thomas Edmondson $26
Account-Peter Wright $18
Account-John Haywood $15
Note-Samuel Turbiville $8
Note-Nimrod Fielder $35
Order-given by Thomas Williamson $100
Note-John P McConnel $29.11 ¾
Note-John L Fielder $32.50
Note-Robert Henry $39.50
Order-given by William Ramsey $15
Order-given by Rial Grigs $15 very doubtful of its collection
Note on Bushnell and Dobbins for a cow and calf very doubtful of its collection
Note-James Shaw one pound eighteen shillings
Account against John McMooren for money paid William Sanders for him $21 doubtful
Account against William Edmondson Jun for money paid John Edmondson for him $51.34
Account against William Edmondson, son of Robert Edmondson for money paid sundry persons $1402.16
Account against A J Edmondson $15.75
Various furniture, utensils, equipment, food stores, livestock

Filed by Peter Wright, administrator
Nathan Ewing, clerk

June 1816 Sold 200 acres on Mill Creek to Andrew Jackson Edmondson.

See Pontotoc Co., MS, Maury Co. TN and Shelby Co. TN. Jenette (Jane) Edmondson who married Peter Wright is believed to be a daughter of Robert, as was Joannah (Anna) who married George Titus.

1825. State of Tennessee, Henry County, April Term.
Alex McCorkle vs. Peter Wright and Jane his wife, Rachel J., Andrew J., Robert L., Thomas F., Marie L, Leander, James, William F. and George Titus, Ebenezer Fazer, Julius Frazier and wife. The Court orders the suit to be advertised in newspapers in Nashville, in some newspapers in Huntsville, Alabama, and St. Louis, Missouri, for three weeks commanding said defendants to appear in Henry County Court, the 4th Monday in October next. The said defendants were residents of Alabama and Missouri and could not be served.
The bill states that the defendants as representatives of Robert Edmondson, deceased, were entitled to a certain land warrant, # 1575, dated Sept. 22, 1820, for 590 acres of land and that James Titus, Rebecca Edmondson, Isabella Edmondson, and George Titus on the 5th day of Dec., 1820, sold the warrant to Rep. D. Childress for a valuable consideration. Childress sold the same to complainant and afterwards the defendants obtained a grant for said 590 acres and the complainant prays the legal title be

Davidson County, Tennessee, Deed Book 1
Regist____ 13th June 1816 p 200
This indenture made this thirteenth day of February eighteen hundred and sixteen between Robert Edmondson of the County of Davidson and State of Tennessee of the one part and Andrew Jackson Edmondson of the county and state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said Robert Edmondson for and in consideration for the sum of two thousand dollars to him in hand paid by the said Andrew Jackson Edmondson before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt & payment whereof is hereby acknowledged and himself fully satisfied and contented, have bargained granted sold ____ ____________ conveyed and confirmed by these presents doth bargain sell grant ____ ______ convey and confirm unto the said Andrew Jackson Edmondson his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract of land containing two hundred acres be the same more or less, it being a part of six hundred and forty acre tract granted to James Foster by the State of North Carolina and the said two hundred acres deeded to me by the said Foster which will more fully appear reference being had to said deed lying and being in the County of Davidson and on the waters of Mill Creek, the place whereon I now live being at a dogwood where formerly John Cockrell’s west boundary line but now John Haywood’s line intersects the south boundary of what was John Tucker’s preemption but now John Haywood about six hundred yards northeast of what was formerly Foster’s spring, running south passing said spring branch at eighty poles cornering on two dogwoods at one hundred forty two poles thence west the line between John Raines Jun and Edmondson’s two hundred and twenty six poles to a hickory and elm, thence north one hundred and forty two poles, to a stake, thence east with what was Tucker’s now Haywood’s south boundary line to the beginning. To have and to hold the above granted premises and appurtenances thereon and thereunto belonging or in any way appertaining thereunto arising since the said Andrew Jackson Edmondson his heirs and assigns to their only use and behoof forever and the said Robert Edmondson for himself his heirs executors and administrators doth hereby covenant grant and agree to bind with the said Andrew Jackson Edmondson his heirs and assigns that him and them he and they the land and premises hereby intended to be conveyed will currently (?) and forever defend against the claim ________ (faded)
(continued to p201)
________ person or persons whatever lawfully claiming __________ whereof & have herewith set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written.
Robert Edmondson seal
Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of
Wm Black
James McCutchan

State of Tennessee, Davidson County Court session of April 1816
This indenture of bargain and sale by Robert Edmondson of the one part and Andrew Jackson Edmondson of the other part was proven in open court the act of and deed of the said Robert by the oath of William Black and James McCutchan the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be registered and at the same time the tax was paid.
Teste Nathan Ewing
Clerk of said court


Dale Carter’s placement of Washington County deeds is filed in Deedmapper at Washington County Historical Society Museum at The Depot in Abingdon. The following references one of the two contemporary Robert Edmondsons.

Washington County Surveyor Book 1,

Page 37 – Robert Edmonson…400 ac…Commissioners Certificate…between the middle and south fork of Holston River…June 12, 1782 – Robert Edmonson, Legatee of Robert Edmonson, decd…400 ac by settlement made in 1763…adjoining George Masonrie, Robert Montgomery, Samuel Houston & Edward Houston…August 10, 1781

Page 207 – John Edmonson, Jr., heir to Andrew Edmonson, decd…Commissioners Certificate…on the north side of the south fork of Holstein River…Beginning corner to John Edmonson, Sr. & John Edmonson, Jr. lines…on the north side of an Island corner to Robert Edmonston & John Edmonstons land…January 27, 1783 – John Edmonson, heir to Andrew Edmonson, decd…150 ac on the north side of the south fork, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772…August 23, 1781

Page 215 – Robert Montgomery…Treasury Warrant…80 ac…adjoining the land he now lives on, on a branch of the south fork of Holstein River…Beginning corner to Robert Edmonsons land…between Montgomery & Musoner…Warrant #8187, dated February 2, 1782…December 23, 1782

Page 236 – Robert Montgomery…300 ac…Commissioners Certificate…on a branch of the South Fork of Holston River and on the north side of said river…Beginning corner on John Greenways land…on Robert Edmonsons land…between Montgomery & Musvner…December 23, 1782 – Robert Montgomery, assignee of John Montgomery…300 ac on the forks of Holston River, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1769…August 25, 1781

Page 265 – Robert Edmondson…400 ac…Commissioners Certificate…on the south side of the south fork of Holstein…Beginning on the north side of a valley…May 20, 1784 – Robert Edmondson, assignee of Benjamin & Johnathan Thomas, assignees of Barnabas Anderson…400 ac…on Rush Creek…includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1776…August 31, 1781

Page 265 – Robert Edmondson…257 ac…Commissioners Certificate…on the south fork of Holston River…Beginning on the north side of the river, corner to John Edmondson, Jr.’s land…line of William Edmondson, Sr…corner to the patent land…line of John Buchanans land…on the north side of the river…May 20, 1784 – Robert Edmondson, assignee of William Edmondson, assignee of Robert Huston…400 ac..on the south fork of Holstein River, 108 ac surveyed for William Edmondson, Sr. on March 15, 1774…includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1770…August 17, 1781

Page 400 – Elijah Debusk, assignee of John Lorbrough & c – 200 ac – Commissioners Certificate – on the south side of the south fork of Holstein River – on the north side of a valley corner to Robert Edmondson’s survey – corner to Palsor Rouse – on the south side of the knobs – June 7, 1792…John Cerbrours – 200 ac – on the waters of the south fork on the south side, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772 – August 31, 1781… Assigned to Elijah Debusk. Signed: David Carson.

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