Patriots A-L alphabetic

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BKM is used to mean the Battle of Kings Mountain. Vols is used to mean the units of Cols William Campbell, John Sevier and Isaac Shelby collectively. District was the South Carolina term for county before counties were formally organized. DD214 is the well known term for military record.
Apparently Trish Carden,, added names of soldiers from all sources, some of them merely rumors. Many of the pension declarations show men who were under officers (Campbell, Cleveland, Sevier, Shelby) at the Battle of Kings Mountain (BKM) but were with that officer in other engagements, not at BKM. Multiple men with common names do not rule out that another soldier of the same name was at BKM. Multiple spellings of a name in behalf of an illiterate add to the confusion.
Veterans Administration apparently began assigning file numbers by categories, S for soldiers, W for widows and orphans, R for rejected. With ongoing appeals, reversed decisions, and subsequent widow’s claims the file numbering pattern has some in the wrong pile. Samuel Newell’s file R7617 has maybe fifty pages of papers. Its number suggests that the initial ruling of the bureaucrats was a rejection which perhaps influenced a later approval to be downgraded from the captain rank.
Notes: CC-caller of Charles Cummings, D-in Draper’s Heroes, DB David Beattie’s ration list, FB-French Broad, FC-Frederick County roots L-Liberty Hall, PC Pulaski County KY, V-Virginian, WH-Wolf Hill/Blacks Fort
Abbott, Solomon, got there after BKM s17806
Abernathy, Robert
Abston, Robert (Capt Ellis and Capt Rose, Col Lynch, Bedford Co VA) download R14 deposition
Adair, John, w2895, 12Jul1832,, Major, witness Andrew Jackson, did not mention Kings Mountain, Wm Kitchens listed him as commander who stated Sumter’s remnant, not BKM.
Adair, John Jr. s1158, son of entry taker who financed Sevier and Shelby for BKM expedition. Hank Messick shows him as BKM, but his FPA shows him as Indian scout on Clinch River at the time.
Adair, John b 1732, d 24Feb1827 4 miles n of White’s Fort, Knoxville TN Broadway, $12,000 NC land money loaned to Sevier and Shelby. Messick says he was pvt at BKM. KKW does not. Son says he was a substitute for his dad at the time.
Adams, John, R41 General Washington and Kings Mountain did not mix. The over mountain militiamen had no orderly sergeants nor commissary.
Adams, John Carroll, W8312 02Dec1825 no mention of BKM, then 31Aug1847 widow Sarah says he was at BKM.
Adams, Robert Capt (Genealogoy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Adams, William
Aiken, Alexander, AA2179
Alexander, Daniel S2905, not at BKM
Alexander, Elias
Alexander, James, w12190, 09Jan1834, age 77, Buncombe Co NC. (Will Graves lists under Campbell, but was under Capt Isaac White of Lincoln Co NC) download W12190 deposition
Alexander, James, DB David Beattie’s roster
Alexander, Jerimiah, DB Foot soldier in reserve near Battle, Capt Neil, Lt Crowther download s31515 deposition witness to John Craig deposition 1832,Morgan Co AL, illiterate.
Alexander, John
Alexander, Joseph s15355, 31Aug1832, age 73, Clermont Co OH, Sumter’s remnant BKM under Col Williams.
Alexander, Joseph, DB another from VA per Summers. Alexander, Joseph WH V
Alexander, Matthew, W324, Spartanburg (Captain Parsons, Sumter, to Ninety Six, did not get back to BKM in time.)
Alexander, Oliver WH V
Alexander, Travis, Herndon, Lenoir papers
Alexander, William WH V
Alexander, William DB S1785 Footman not in battle
Aley, John DB
Allen, Daniel, 06Dec1832, age 70, Greene Co IL, (Sgt Wm Patton, Capt John McDaniel, Col Joseph McDowell) s32093 download S32093 deposition
Allen, David, (Surry Co, Col Cleveland, French Malmedy, download S16601 deposition Micajah Lewis
Allen, Moses, under Col Shelby per KKW WC VA pension? How Shelby but VA pension?
Allen, Richard, Captain (Stayed with foot soldiers) download s6490 deposition
Allen, Vincent
Allison, Charles, per John Allison in Dropped Stitches in Tennessee History, testified for Tory Thomas Barker at Biggerstaff’s court martial.
Allison, Hugh (York SC, Col Moffet, Capt Jordan) download R157 deposition At Whitaker Mtn on patrol, returned at end of BKM. Helped in the battlefield. Names casualties: Wm Watson, bro in law of Col Moffett, Alexander Caldwell mortally wounded, Major Chronicle KIA.
Allison, John, S32090, Washington County near Jonesborough. Served with John Sevier, but not at Kings Mountain.
Allison, John under Col Shelby (w) per KK White. Not the John who bought Newell land.
Allison, Robert Captain WH V no BKM evidence but Summers list.
Alston, William
Amburgey, John, (Wilkes, Capt Larkin Clevelan, Col Cleveland) download r174 deposition per widow Elizabeth
Anderson, Bailey s30826 mentions BKM, but not there
Anderson, George, Major (w) no mention of major or wound among BKM vets
Anderson, Jacob. KK White says Jacob received a pension in Berkeley Co VA. The three Jacob Andersons who have pension records on file did not mention BKM. None of them was from Berkeley County. None of the Berkeley county soldier who mentioned BKM was named Jacob nor Anderson.
Anderson, James WH V
Anderson, John Lieutenant WH V. Another John Anderson was from Wilkes County. The Washington County John was in the militia, but Summers did not place him at BKM.
Anderson, John, W9329, from Wilkes Co Under Col B Cleveland, Capt John Barton, Lt Benjamin Guess, Ensign Thomas Barton.
Was the fifer.
Anderson, Robert, (1833 Pulaski Co, wit Joseph McAlister. Will Graves lists under Campbell, but was under Maj. Valentine Sevier. Deposition got events out of order, but was honored for a pension.) download W2579 deposition
Anderson, Robert, S15198, W8065, S21757, Tryon recruiter but none said he was at BKM
Anderson, William WH V (Martins Creek, Cumberland Gap area.) Draper p591
Anderson, William, (1839 Davidson Co, R206 pension confused details, denied. Graves lists under Campbell, but claimed under McDowell and Morgan.) download R206 deposition KK White lists William Anderson at Long Island with Gilbert Christian.
Andrews, John, Lieutenant
Angel, John w20622 mentions BKM, not there
Angel, Lawrence (Surry, Capt Minor Smith, Major Winston) download s31519 deposition Lt Dillon Martin
Anglin, Phillip R255, guarded prisoners after BKM
Anthony, Philip (Burke Co, Capt Thomas Kennedy, Major Joseph White) download c deposition Refugees to Watauga, then returned.
Applegate, Thomas
Arbuckle, Mathew KK White says that “it was said” that Matthew Arbuckle was at BKM. She forgot to state if the one who said it also said Notre Dame would beat Alabam in the 2013 BCS Championship.
Arbuckle, Thomas. Botetourt militia but no mention of BKM
Arbunkle, Mathew, Captain
Armstrong, Isaac
Armstrong, James, R258, Captain, lived near Micajah Lewis, helped to carry him from the battlefield.
Armstrong, John, various pensioners mentioned him being a recruiter from Lincoln Co NC area.
Armstrong, Martin, Col in Wilkes/Surry Co NC. Not at BKM, but his soldiers guarded the prisoners after.
Armstrong, Mathew, Lincoln Co per WL Anderson under Graham at BKM.
Armstrong, Robert, widow Nancy said they lived near Kings Mountain, but not that Robert was in BMK r259
Armstrong, William, s6534, at BKM and every battle in the south, fraud?
Asbury, George WH V Reece Bowen’s Company
Atkinson, John, DB
Avender, Andrew
Avery, Chandler, S10796, under Col Lacey
Avery, George, S10796, Captain under Col Lacey
Axer, Sam
Ayers, Elihu (Good story, details do not fit. first deposition rejected. filed amendment. download r335 deposition Col Cleveland, Capt Lewis.
Ayers, Nathaniel, mentioned BKM in r336, but not there
Bacon, Michael
Bailey, Alexander (Burke Co, Captain Kennedy, Col McDowell) download S32101 deposition
Bailey, Daniel (Wilkes Co, Captain Lewis, Col Cleveland) download R369 deposition
Bailey, Thomas Lee (k, not on plaque)
Bailey, William download r372 widow’s deposition Major Winston, Capt. Lewis
Baker, Absolam (witness John Brannon and William Hall) download s35181 deposition
Baker, Bowling (Captain Nall, Salisbury not at BKM, guarded prisoners from BKM) s12950
Baker, Charles (Burke Co, Joseph McDowell, hid in Jonesboro, then joined Vols to BKM) download S31536 deposition
Baker, John, per KK White.
Baker, Robert Under Dysart WH V
Bakly, Charles
Balch, Amos KKW states he was pensioned, but the declaration does not claim BKM.
Baldridge, John, a captain in Lincoln Co per Abraham Forney w3976
Ballard, Devereau, soldier in the area, not the battle download pension deposition
Ballenger, Ed (Genealogoy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Ballew, Joseph (from Memphis, Oct 1832, Burke Co, Capt Jonathan Camp, Col McDowell, Bundy’s powder mills on Holston to BKM) download S31541pension deposition
Ballew, Richard download s15305pension deposition
Ballew, Robert (from Morgan Co AL, 22Jun1836, Burke Co, raised 42 horsemen to join Col Cleveland, Ramsour’s Mill, head of Holston, with James Davenport to BKM) download S10350pension deposition
Banner, Benjamin, Old Surry, now Stokes, Major Winston, guarded prisoners after BKM S6562
Banning, Benoni (w) (Benning) wounded 3 times
Barker, Charles, S45234 Not BKM
Barker, Edmund KKW says Washington Co VA pension, but no FPA exists
Barker, Edward KKW does not mention FPA R496 which does not mention BKM. Summers lists as soldier, but not BKM
Barker, Enoch
Barker, George (24Apr1834 from Morgan Co KY, Long Island with Col Christy, Wilkes Co Capt Thurman Col Lenoir to BKM, dates a year off) download s37710 pension deposition
Barker, Henry Summers, not BKM
Barker, Hezehiah
Barker, Joel Summers, not BKM
Barkley, Robert (12Jan1841 Lincoln Co, NC, Ellenor Barkley widow deposition did not Specify Kings Mtn. She had a discharge signed Capt Wm Knox 30May1776, six months service. Witness Abraham Forney placed Barkley at BKM under Col Wm Graham.) download w17252 widow’s deposition
Barnes, Alexander, Captain, V
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, Shadrack (?)
Barnett, Alexander Captain WH V
Barnett, Jacob, Captain in Col Thomas Brandon’s Regiment. KIA R11508
Barnett, Jesse 18Jul1853, Polly Megahy of Henderson Co NC claimed dependent of Jesse Barnett, veteran of BKM. see r533 Not in Jesse’s deposition.
Barnett, John (named by VanHook S9509) 27May1833, Halifax Co VA. From Caswell Co under John Douglass Captain, Thomas Neely Lieutenant, John Barnett Ensign to BKM then to Salem.
Barrett, Reuben, Captain Dennis Trammell, Col Elijah Clarke born ABT 1755 in VA, and died March 3, 1814 in Greenville Dist., SC
Barry, Andrew, Captain, under Major Joseph Dickson, Took wounded Robert Henry home after BKM. S9003
Bartlett, William Lieutenant WH V Campbell, Craig, per Summers Hist, Capt per Moss
Barton, Benjamin
Barton, Daniel, DB
Barton, Isaac, Wilkes
Barton, John, Captain Wilkes Co, part which became Ashe Co. Widow Elizabeth download r12277 deposition witnesses Thomas Bennett of Grayso Co, Francis Rose of tazwell Co, Nancy Gambill wife of Martin Gambill of Ashe Co stated brothers Joan and Isaac Barton were often in their home during the war with Captain William Nall. Several said Elizabeth Penington married John Barton.
Barton, Joshua
Bates, William
Battris, John
Bean, George
Bean, Jesse, Captain, Sevier
Bean, John
Bean, Richard (Been) widow China (Chany) 15Apr1846 wit Goerge Thomason s7712, served with Bean under Capt James Phillips of Rowan Co at BKM. download w5813 widow’s deposition
Bean, Robert (Beane) V Sevier, Moss and KK White
Bean, William, Captain, BKM per KK White, Maybe other, too
Beard, Robert
Beard, William S2370 (11Oct1832 from Ross Co, OH Was in Rowan Co under Lt James Hill at BKM. ) download S2370 deposition
Bearden, Jeremiah
Bearden, John
Beattie, David Captain WH V. file B8 is the Beattie (Capt. David) Pay/Ration List of King’s Mountain Militia
Beattie, Francis WH V was older, prob not BKM
Beattie, John Lieutenant KIA WH V Colville’s Co.
Beattie, Joseph
Beattie, William Captain WH V
Beaty, Andrew (May 1834, age 74 Fentress Co TN, lives 300 yards into Cumberland Co KY, 1779 Capt William Asher in Washington Co VA, then Capt Anthony Bledsoe and Col Isaac Shelby in Hawkins Co, TN, then Capt George Maxwell and Col Shelby. Brother Alexander Beaty, age 69, can witness. Robert Crockett too old to witness. download s2989 deposition from PA to Washington Co, then surveyed into Sullivan Co TN.
Becknel, Thomas (from Madison Co KY 01Oct1832, Wileks Co, Capt Larkin Benjamin, Major Jesse Walton, to BKM, guarding baggage wagons at time of battle.) download s12985 deposition
Beeler, Jacob (From Sullivan Co TN 22Aug1833, Frederick Co to Holston 1770, Capt John Pemberton, Col Shelby, to BKM, marched prisoners to Salisbury, disch by Shelby) download s5277 deposition
Beeler, Joseph, Moss, Draper Heroes
Beene, Jesse, Moss S8509
Bell, Samuel
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William
Benge, David (from Clay Co KY 27Apr1834, age 74, Wilkes Co, Capt Joseph Lewis and Micajah Lewis, to BKM, with the wounded to Dr Dobson in Burke Co 5 or 6 months. S38530 download S38530 deposition
Benge, Obadiah’s Brother, killed R743
Benge, Obadiah M (w) Surry County R743
Benge, William
Bennedict, John
Bentley, John
Berry, Andrew (see Barry, Andrew)
Berry, Bradley
Berry, Enoch (from Warren Co TN age 69, Burke Co, Capt Joseph McDowell over mtn to join Vols on their way to BKM. Father killed. Brother motally wounded. Clerk James Colville, L Colville DC. download w8128 deposition
Berry, Ezekiel, geneologists name Ezekiel as the Berry brother killed at BKM. One TSLA archivist states that Sanford Berry was the brother, but Sanford went on to serve in SC in1781.
Berry, Francis (from Caldwell Co TX 11Jun1852, age 90, Capt James Montgomery, Col Arthur Campbell at Royal Oak, (Wm Campbell was at Aspindale) download r795 deposition, fraud or dementia? Francis Berry not in Summers’ lists. Was in WCSB 1 p 289 land owner. James Montgomery was a captain, but not at BKM. Neither was Arthur Campbell.
Berry, James , V BKM per KK White and Summers
Berry, Robert
Berry, Thomas
Berry, William, Capt (Enoch’s father) KIA
Besall, John
Beverly, John, Captain download pension deposition said in BKM, but not believed
Bickley, Charles V Cuttawa, but not Kings Mtn
Bickley, Summers
Bickley, William V Cuttawa, but not Kings Mtn
Bicknell, James
Biecknell, Thomas (k Bicknell on plaque) Wilkes County download widow Rachel pension deposition Mortally wounded. Carried to Mrs Bowman’s house in Burke County. Wife cared for him 11 weeks until he died there. Moss merged with Becknell.
Biffle, Jacob (Holston, Isaac Shelby’s) download s3003 deposition
Bigham, Andrew (04Sep1832 from McMinn Co TN, enlisted in Mecklenburg Co NC, Col Hampton, Capt John Sharp, Lt James Tigert) S1639
Billings, Jasper (Wilkes County, guarded BKM prisoners at Salisbury after, but not at battle) download pension deposition
Bingham, Benjamin (A vet Benjamin Bingham appeared in Blount County Court 1832 but not Kings Mountain) download pension deposition
Binkley, Adam (From Davidson Co TN age 93, 04Aug1832, Surry Co, Capt Minor (Henry?) Smith, Col Joseph Williams, to BKM. download S1890 pension deposition
Binkley, Fridrik (Frederick Pinkley after translation from German) from Stoke Co NC, under Captain Joseph Phillips, Major Winston. Lost his horse and missed the battle at BKM. download w4898 pension deposition
Bird, John, Captain (from Union District SC 23Mar1821, witnesses Joseph McJunkin S18118, Thomas Young S10309, Robert Wilson download S39196 pension deposition
Bishop, Levi Lieutenant V, 1782 Aaron Lewis Precinct
Bishop, Matthew, DB 1772 South Fork Holston
Bishop, Nathan, SC
Black, Jacob S9281 York District, made excuse why not at BKM
Black, John, W9359 York District, same day as Jacob his younger brother, made another excuse why he missed BKM
Black, John, R890, Under Col Clarke, Capt Joseph Nail
Black, Joseph, Captain CC FC FB WH D V
Peek at Joseph Black bio sketch
Joseph Black info
Blackburn, Arthur CC FC WH V
Blackburn, George CC FC WH V
Blackburn, John CC FC WH V
Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, Robert
Blackburn, William, Lieutenant (K) CC FC FB WH D V
Blackmore, John
Blackmore, William, Lieutenant (ensign per Summers) V
Blackwell, David
Blackwell, John (from Hickman Co TN, 04Jul1836, under Captain Alexander Irvin, Benjamin Cleveland) download s2083 deposition
Blackwood, Joseph, buried at Long Creek Presbyterian, Bessemer City, NC 22Oct1780. Tradition from mortal wounds at BKM.
Blacock, Samuel G., Major
Blain, George (Blane, Widow’s pension refused R929. Her witness Hezekiah Hargrove was not at BKM per his S5481.
Blair, James (under Benjamin Cleveland) download S22125 deposition from Habersham Co GA 05Nov1832, age 71, under Captain Baarlow (John Barton, Col Cleveland)
Blair, Samuel, s3009, from McMinn Co TN, 03Dec1832, age 75, under Capt Clarke, Col Cleveland,
Blakey, George, w8367, 08Aug1832, age 81, Logan Co KY, Captain Thomas Henderson, Col Abraham Penn, marched from Rockingham Co VA, met the Vols going back from BKM with prisoners, went back home
Blakely, Jame (Bleakly brother of Thomas s21650 Blackly) from Laurens District, Mar1833, under Capt John Rodgers, Col Williams, not at BKM, but his Col was killed there
Blalock, David, S3011, from Fayette Co TN, —-1833, age 82, Capt Goldston Pittsboro regulars joined Col Cleveland, the others were militia pick ups at BKM . download w68 deposition
Blalock, Samuel
Blankenbeckler, Zachariah
Blassingham, John, Moss, but no BKM, S. 30576
Bleadsoe, Loving, s11472 Capt George Maxfield, Col SHelby
Bledsoe, Thomas, from Hawkins Co TN, under Captain John Sawyer, Col Shelby, home gaurd, Long Island, not BKM download w68 deposition
Blevens, Daniel, Roane Co TN, 29Oct1823 for invalid pension, Morgan Co TN 1834 for service pension, age 81, did not put Roane Co in his residences, did not mention BKM, but R815 witness John Beverly testified that he was at BKM. Lawrence Co IN 15Nov1836, Blevins gave a different list of officers. Blevens also testified for William Clenny S32182, Green Co IN 16Nov1939. All three of these pensions are either fraudulent or filled with demetia and granted by lenient judges and bureaucrats. Perhaps there were also payoffs to the witnesses.
Blevens, James (Lawrence Co IN 12Nov1832, Lt John Carrol, Capt Wm Love of Montgomery Co under Col Campbell) download S32121 deposition Wm Love was not at King’s Mtn per Summers. No record of John Carrol in SW VA.
Blevins, Henry (Draper p326, 578. Capt James Elliot of Shelby’s Rgt, Long Island, Watauga. BKM rear guard with baggage.) download W1703 deposition
Blevins, James (Morgan Co KY, 07Dec1833, download w5221 deposition Ft Chiswell lead mines and other. Details dubious, also widow applications irregular. Not at BKM, but I read it looking for the other James Blevens.
Blevins, William from Hamilton Co IL, not BKM download r945 deposition pension denied, they did not consider action against tories and indians as part of the war. I believe insonsistency. Seems I saw one deposition claiming 1994 to 1996 actions against Indians.
Blyth, Thomas
Bodenheimer, Peter r982 started to BKM, heard it was over and went home.
Bolick, Casper
Bolling, Jerry V
Bonnett, Peter 05Feb1833, Lewis Co VA, mentioned Newell’s store near Pittsburgh. That was cousin Samuel Newell preparing the George Rogers Claark expedition to Vincennes.
Boran, Baile, Lieutenant
Boren, Baz/ V (Boren, Bowen) V
Boren, John
Bowen, Arthur/ Captain V
Bowen, Charles V (under Captain John Campbell who was under Captain Wm Edmondson) Blount County in 1832.
Bowen, Henry V
Bowen, John V
Bowen, Reese Lieutenant (k) WH V
Bowen, William Captain V was sick, so Reese took his command
Bowers, Leonard (mentioned Cowpens and others, but not BKM) download w49 deposition
Bowles, Benjamin (NC line in 1781. No BKM. S41448)
Bowman, Esaius, V negro, Joel Lewis Co,
Bowman, Sparkling
Box, Samuel (s3015, Captain Elliot’s Company, but not BKM)
Boyce, John, KK White, Landrum Colonial
Boyd, John (K), Lincoln Co
Boyd, John 11Nov1833, age 72, Hendricks Co IN, (R1089) from Wilkes under Maj Winston, Capt James Sheppard
Boyd, John, 15Jul1837, age 74, Warren Co OH, Lieutenant (R1088 Cowpens, BKM?, multiple depositions, inconsistent details)
Boyd, Thomas, from Calloway Co MO 20Aug1832, was around Charlotte but not in BKM download s17286 deposition
Boyd, William (from Warren Co TN 1824 and again 1832, Capt Joseph Cloud, Col Cleveland, Surry County, Wm Shipman) download S45878 deposition
Boyer, John (from Rush Co IN 07Nov1837, Commissioned SC Lt by Gov Rutledge, Capt by Laurens congress. Under Benjamin Lincoln before BKM. download S32125 depositions
Boyer, Thomas (k)
Boyer(s), Michael (14May1832, from Claiborne Co TN, age 78, Captain Deasy (Dysart?), under Wm Campbell, Washington Co VA) download S3022 deposition
Bracket, Hawkins, from Hawlins Co IN, widow Sally Bracket 1845, Under Col Cleveland, Rutherford Co NC. download r1121 deposition
Bradley, John 03Jun1833, from Jackson Co GA, Rutherford Co NC under Capt James Miller at time of BKM, but not there. S31575
Bradley, Richard
Bradley, William (From Fort Chiswell, was at Ninety Six when BKM was fought) download s6794 deposition
Bradley, William (w), widow says from Rutherford County, Draper shows from Lincoln County) download w8399 widow Aspasia Bradley’s pension deposition says he was at BKM NC County map 1779
Brandon, Christopher, 08Oct1832, from York District, Captain Jolly of Col Brandon’s Rgt, to BKM but horse tired and did not catch up. download S9288 deposition
Brandon, John, Captain
Brandon, Josiah, W335 Burke Co, Old Fort, son of Thomas the Tory was with the Tories at BKM, Cittico vs Cherokees, was released prisoner by Joseph McDowell
Brandon, Mathew
Brandon, Richard w21714 05Feb1852, from Union District, daughter Elizabeth, widow Agnes, brother of Col Thomas Brandon, understands Richard was at BKM.
Brandon, Thomas, Colonel from Union District SC
Brandon, Thomas, Loyalist Captain of Burke Co NC was killed at BKM
Brandon, William, Widow Jane Bandon of Smith Co TN 20May1837, Charleston to Guilford after BKM. w71 deposition
Brashear or Bradshear, Robert, Captain
Brashear or Bradshear, Samuel (Margaret Brashers widow of Samuel, not BKM but after BKM, Boyds Creek) download w9370 widow deposition
Brashear or Brakshears, Mattis
Brazleton, William
Breckenridge, Alexander Captain WH V
Breckenridge, George, V twelve years old
Breckenridge, John, V
Breckenridge, Robert, Captain
Breden, John, nephew of James Dysart (Elizabeth Dysart Breden), constable of Coawn’s company, Indian spy with James Crabree. Business partner with Samuel Newell in Adair Co KY. not on Summers’ list of soldiers.
Brewer, Ambrose, Moore County NC scout, probably not in BKM, maybe scouted to find Majors Gibbs and Ferguson movements.
Briggs, John
Brigham, James
Brimer, William (Under Valentine Sevier, pension in Sevier County, John Brabson present. Widow Elizabeth Brimer applied for pension in Sevierville in 1839.) download w336 deposition
Britt, Obediah (No mention of BKM in pension statement s1419
Brooks, David
Brooks, George (1837 DeKalb Co GA, Captain Wm Prince, Col Rutherford, Gen Pickens) download s31574 deposition then Roebuck
Brooks, John
Brooks, Littleton (Hawkins Co TN, Captain James Elliot, Wm Christian, John Shelby, John Sevier. Indians around Cumberland Gap, but not BKM)
Brooks, Moses
Brooks, Thomas
Brooks, William V
Broom, W. M.
Brotherton, Thomas
Brown, Andrew, Captain, per KK White was under Roebuck
Brown, Benjamin (Major Lewis, Col CLeveland) download S16327 deposition
Brown, Gabriel, Captain under Col Williams per KK White, said Draper
Brown, George (Rowan Co NC, James Craid, Capt Montgomery, not BKM W25274)
Brown, Isaiah
Brown, Jacob, Jr., (W333, John Sevier, and Boyds Creek in his dad’s company) download W333 deposition
Brown, Jacob, Captain
Brown, James
Brown, John under Col Sevier, KIA per Draper
Brown, John, under Major Roebuck with his father Andrew per KK White was pensioned in 1832.
Brown, John, Capt from Wilkes county under Col Cleveland, to BKM, S17184 Wm Walton served under Brown
Brown, Joseph from 05Mar1845 from Lumpkin Co GA, under Col WilliamsW per widow Jemima, Captain Alexander Moore, Col Sevier, download w5744 deposition
Brown, Joseph from 08May1833 from Lincoln Co MO, under Capt Sevier from Joneborough. download S17291 deposition
Brown, Low V (s5299, Montgomery Co VA Indian spy in WV and KY for Wm Chritian, Andrew Lewis, and others. Never BKM.)
Brown, Michael V
Brown, Isaiah (Rowan Co NC, not BKM)
Brown, Peter
Brown, Robert, s3057, 10Jan1833, from Warren Co TN, under Captain Price, Col Clarke, refugee from GA in Burke Co. Seaparated from troops, missed BKM, met them coming back.
Brown, Robert, w219, 25Sep1835 from Humpheys Co TN, age 74, under Captain Price, Col Clarke, refugee from GA in Burke Co. Missed BKM inflammation of eye.
Brown, Stephen (NC line, Buford and Greene, not BKM)
Brown, Thomas Aug1832 from Estill Co KY download w8381 deposition (under Captain Reese Bowen, but not on B19 roster)
Brown, William S31563 19May1834, from Lincoln Co MO, arrived at BKM after battle
Browning, Charles
Browning, Enos V
Brumfield, Humphrey (from Gallia Co OH, 16Jul1833, Montgomery County NC, Capt George Parris, Col Campbell) download s8105 deposition Said he marched from Pittsylvania County to BK which no militia did, under George Parris who was not there, and discharged from KM by Campbell who wrote no discharges there.
Brush, Enoch
Bruster, E. (?)
Bruton, George, from Wayne Co KY, 29Sep1832, Joined Spartanburg, after BKM S30891
Bryan, John, Captain
Bryan, Robert
Brymer, Joseph, W5947, 16Dec1851 from Hall Co GA, Celia Heard Brymer, widow heard her husband talk of BKM
Bryson, Andrew R1389 son claims he was at BKM.
Buchanan, Alexander
Buchanan, Ezekiel
Buchanan, Robert V
Buchanan, Samuel V
Buchanan, William, Captain (Probably Robert or Samuel was the Buchanan who saved Col Cleveland’s life from a “friendly fire” accident with big Charles Bowen’s tomahawk. In the heat of battle, Boewn could not remember the passowrd of the day, Buford.
Buckner, Joshua, Lieutenant
Budvine, Francis
Bullard, Joseph, Captain
Bullen, Luke
Bullen, Philip (w) V Draper heard from Samuel Newell that Philip Bullen was wounded. He printed in his book that William Bullen was wounded. The 1909 plaque says Pvt William Bullen.
Bullin, Isaac (Eutaw and Guilford, not BKM)
Burch, William W26976 widow Judith, of Surry Co NC, Cap Salathiel Martin at BKM. download w25976 deposition
Burchfield, Meshach (Jonathan Camp’s company, McDowells Rgt in retreat on Watauga for six weeks, then with Wm Campbell to BKM, 07May1833 Marion Co MO, age 71) download s16668 deposition
Buegess, John S9295 Capt Johnson, Col Collier, Randolph Co NC, guarded BKM prisoners.
Burn, David
Burn, John
Burnett, Joshua, 07Apr1837 from Greene Co IN, s32154 at his father in law’s house about four miles from BKM, could hear it. to Moravian Towns guarding prisoners. In Gen Clarke of GA command.
Burnett, William, R540 a wagoner near BKM
Burney, Simon
Burney, William V
Burns, Alexander
Burns, Andrew S30296 from Perry Co KY, Capt Herd (Jesse Heard) of Henry Co VA, neat shallow ford of Yadkin (10 mi W of Winston Salem), met soldiers returning from BKM with prisoners)
Burns, Charles
Burns, David
Burns, John Corpl. s9118 (Wm Lenoir, Benj Cleveland) download pension deposition
Burns, Laird (Captain Cunningham of Col Lacey’s Rgt, hospital after battle a month, corpsman duty) download pension deposition
Burns, William (S16669 Long Island and Rye Cove, not BKM)
Busby, James 02Mar1835, Bourbon Co KY, under Tuffin Charles Armand, Marquis de la Roueire, a scattering of his troops under Col Shelby at BKM, download w2995 deposition
Buster, Michael, S1178, from Pulaski Co KY, 18Jun1833, known to Wm Owens [pension application W8493], on the Yadkin at the time of BKM. Fort Chiswell and Clinch River at time of SN1754
Byars, Natha, W6223 in service at time, but not at BKM
Cadle, Thomas R1579 25Jul1853, from Raleigh Co VA, age 93, Capt David Humpheys at Chiswells mines, under Capt Richard Varnell, Col Cleveland at BKM. Wagoner for 6 mo, lead from Chiswell to Salisbury.
Caldwell, Alexander, R157, mortally wounded Under Capt Watson, Major Chronicle
Caldwell, David s21104 29Oct1834, Wilson Co TN not BKM
Caldwell, Samuel, Captain (10Oct1932, Lincoln Co NC, Captain Isaac White, Col CLeveland) download W528 deposition
Caldwell, Thomas, Lt under Campbell, S32292
Caldwell, William, w22727, Did not mention BKM
Callahan, Joel, S21110, Lieutenant from Watauga under Sevier. (Boyds Creek, not BKM)
Callahan, John, Captain
Callaway, Elijah (Micajah or Cage) G.R.Clark
Camp, Jonathan, Captain under McDowell named by serveral BKM men
Camp, Thomas
Campbell, David L FB WH V, Fincastle Resolutions clerk recorder, Liberty Hall, wit DePuyster deliver sword to Col Campbell
Campbell, Hugh, Lieutenant
Campbell, James, 03Sep1832, from Monroe Co KY s30310, Col Sevier, Capt Christopher Taylor to BKM. Brother Andrew verified that James was at BKM. Substituted for brother Alexander in taking Fort Thickety.
Campbell, James from Knox Co TN 05Oct1832, Captain Gibson, Col Sevier, Capt Nathaniel Davis at BKM?, later Battle of Boyds Creek download w344 deposition
Campbell, James, from Muhlenberg Co KY, 31May1854, widow Sally age 71, James talked about BKM. Married in Lincoln Co NC in 1789. Sister of Wm McCord. Crab Orchard KY where Campbell’s thumb was shot off by Indians abt 1794.
Campbell, James WH V another James Campbell from Blacks Fort. Capt Colville’s neighborhood. per Summers was at BKM and Guilford CH.
Campbell, Jeremiah S3131 on 14Aug1832 from CarterCo TN, aptain Valentine Sevier, Col John Sevier download s3131 deposition
Campbell, John, Captain, Annals, m Ruth Edmondson
Campbell, Joseph (in his father’s place in Capt Robt Edmondson’s) download s2414 deposition
Campbell, Patrick, Lieutenant
Campbell, Robert Lieutenant (w) WH V
Campbell, Solomon S39287 22Aug1820 from Garrard Do KY, age 65, wit 06Nov1820 Jackson Co AL, Nathan Coffey was in Army of US with Sol Campbell at BKM and Moravian Towns guarding prisoners. 11Dec1827, Bedford Co TN, another deposition. NC Commissioner check the record and found him in the NC Line. No NC Disch 1780 at Santee Hills. Line units at BKM, but some stray regular soldiers were.
Campbell, William, 18Jun1848 from Dickson Co AL, r1632 widow Jane Campbell states that husband William under Capt Isaac Campbell of Montgomery Co. Arrived at BKM day after battle then guarded prisoners. Per Summers, Isaac Campbell was a pvt at Guilford CH, not Capt at BKM.
Campbell, William, SC militia at BKM
Campbell, William Jr.
Campbell, William, Colonel L WH D V (Commander of patriots)
Candler, Henry
Candler, William, Major
Cantrell, Stephen
Carathurs, James
Cardwell, Perrin (Capt John Snoddy, Maj Daniel Smith to Logan’s Fort) download s2420 deposition
Cargill, Thomas W6896 On 02Oct1833, Jackson Co, Bellefonte AL age 72, Wilkes Co NC blacksmith at his father’s during BKM
download w6896 deposition
Cargle, John from Haywood Co NC, 19Apr1836, Wilkes Co under Capr Robert Cleveland on leave to bury father killed by falling tree during BKM.
Carmack, Cornelius S2420 30Oct1832, DOB 08Jan1759 Court in Overton Co TN, with Captain John Adams from Washington Co VA joined Snoddy and Hays N of Clinch under Maj Daniel Smoth to Logan’s Fort in KY. Stated that Reese Bowen was killed at BKM,
Carmack, John
Carmichal, John
Carnes, John, Captain
Carothers, Thomas, on 02Sep1818, district of KY, age 65, enlisted 1776 for 3 years. Discharged Paramus NJ. Was in BKM. ?fraud s35809
Carpenter, Benjamin, 03Sep1832 from Schuyler Co IL, under Capt Wm Harris, marched to Richmond to guard prisoners from BKM. S32156
Carpenter, John
Carr, Patrick, Captain, (Paddy) R10279 Uncer Col Clarke download r10179 Strozier deposition
Carr, William 21Aug1832, Sullivan Co TN (Captain Pemberton, Col Shelby) download s1896 deposition
Carroll, Joseph W9778 26Jan1846, widow Martha, District of York, age 92 (Joseph Carrell and his brothers, John, Thomas, and Sam. Sumter’s remnant, various witnesses of which only Francis Henry placed Carroll at BKM. In Henry’s Company, but Lincoln County folksdo not list the Carrolls.)
Carrol, William
Carson, Andrew
Carson, David V “Deputy Surveyor David Carson who fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain”
Carson, John, Captain
Carson, Robert S3207 08Jul1834 from Warren Co TN (under Capt Colville, Major Dysart to BKM, one of the foot soldiers
download s3207 deposition
Carson, William S9305 22Sep1821, York District, 23Nov1821 Captain James Martin S9391 witness,12Apr1850 son B.S.Carson witness Robert Wilson W2302
Carswell, John
Carter, Charles
Carter, Ephraim, S8152 15Feb1833 from Surry Co NC, age 72, Capt Richard Allen, Col Cleveland, 21Nov1829? Richard Allen wit statement
Carter, Giles Landon, r1765 26Jun1858, age 75 or 80 widow Seda Carter, Knox Co TN, BKM Rutherford Co, died 1856, Roane Co.
Carter, Jacob R1746 05Oct1835, from Marion Co MS, at home during BKM.
Carter, Wm (under Captain Gess, Col Cleveland) download s9133 deposition
Carter, William W3385, in Henry Co VA chasing Tries and deserters before BKM.
Cartwright, Joseph
Caruthers, Andrew, Lieutenant
Caruthers, John, s32163 01Jul1833, Independence Co Ark Territory, under Joseph McDowell, captured and prisoner on King’s Mountain until BKM and freed by patriots. Witness Benjamin Hardin (Harden) S32293 download s32163 deposition
Carwell, Alexander
Carwile, Zachariah (Col Campbell) download s9310 deposition
Case, Isaiah S16692 12Feb1833, Wayne Co IN, in Wilkes Co Capt Jesse Hardin Franklin under Col Cleveland at BKM
Casewell, Zadrack
Casey, Benjamin
Casey, Levi
Casey, Randolph
Casey, William
Cash, David
Cassell, Ephraim, R1792 17Oct1832, Campbell Co GA, Enlisted at Newberry District, his Capt Hasel killed at BKM Major was Chriswell. but he was discharged in Mar1780.
Cassel, Ralph, Capt Hayes Company of Col Williams Rgt, sent out as spy before battle, came back after BKM was done. download r1791 deposition
Castillo, John
Castle, Samuel S8144 23Jan1839 Wilkes Co, with Capt William Jackson, started to BKM. Got sick in Burke Co and went home. Joined at Moravian Towns to guard prisoners. With Lieutenant Stonecypher and Captain Robert Cleveland toward Guilford CH, another excuse.
Caswell, John S3133 30Oct1832, Overton Co TN, from Sullivan CO George Maxfield, Col Shelby to to Dungin’s Mill on Watauga to BKM download s3133 pension deposition
Cathcart, Joseph
Cathey, George S16699 06May1833, Cooper Co MO, Lt James Forgey took his place in Raleigh, went to Burke, McDowell, retreat to TN, then returned with Vols to BKM download s16699 pension deposition
Caunice, Nicholas
Cavett, Moses, Captain (Col Shelby) download son’s pension deposition
Cavett, Richard (son of Moses, home guard Gen Martin, Long Island, not BKM) R1820
Cavin, John w4916 not BKM
Cavinder, William, w6903 Widow Margaret Cox Cavinder, age 100, at Lumpkin Co GA. Said Wm was at BKM.
Chambers, Alexander S32173 16Mar1833, age 81, before BKM under Sevier. Not BKM. Knoxville Lt of spies 1788
Chambers, Robert
Chandler, Bailey
Chandler, Daniel W8597, Widow Frances Chandler, 30Nov1837, Owen Co KY, witness John Tucker, Chambers was Lt under Col Cleveland. peek at widow Sarah’s w8597 deposition
Chandler, Joel
Chandler, Josiah (widow Sarah in Wilson Co TN) download widow Sarah’s pension deposition
Chandler, Meshach, W10616, 25May1836, Union District, age 86, wit: Joseph McJunkin S18118 Thomas Young S10309 Mordecai Chandler R1848, said Capt Jared Senlisted Meshach. McJunkin was at BKM. Not sure which campaigns Chandler was in.mith
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, John
Chapman, Joseph
Charles, Oliver, Ensign S12895 under Major Winston, Capt Minor Smith, Lt Samuel Houston
Cheney, Thomas
Childress, John (w) (spelled Childres on KM monument, Chilress in pension deposition, Captain Sheppard, Col Cleveland) download s3146 pension deposition
Childress, Mitchel
Childress, Thomas
Childress, William
Chisholm, John
Chisolm, Elijah, Captain
Chittim, John (w) download s10116 pension deposition
Chitwood, James
Christian, George
Christian, Gilbert, Major
Christie, Colonel (Nickname of Col Wm Christian used by several soldiers, but not at BKM)
Chronicle, William, Major (k) Kings Mountain was his deer hunting camp with Charles Mattox, so he knew the place. He led the South Fork boys around the east end. They faced the Tories where their wagons were parked on top and were in the desperate fighting with enemies huddling behind cover near the end of the battle.
Church, Amos
Clark, Benjamin S3155 19Mar1834, Monroe Co TN, age 71, Col Hampton in place of his brother Joseph, used BKM as reference point for before and after.
Clark, George
Clark, James
Clark, John, r1965, Buncombe County testimony in 1853 that he served at BKM from Virginia
Clark, John, 13Sep1832, s1898, Washington Co TN, under John Sevier, his men went to BKM, he did not.
Clark, John, r1999 around Charlotte, but not BKM
Clark, Jonathan, S2438 03Sep1832, Christian Co KY, Major Joseph Winston, was sent home and not at BKM.
Clark, Micaijah, S30940, with Col Cleveland, marched to BKM got there a day late. Prisoner guard at Moravian Towns.
Clark, Michael
Clark, William
Clarke, John download r1990 deposition (25Dec1832, Macon Co NC, age 69, substituted for his father, under Captain James Thompson from Abingdonto BKM)
Clay, William
Clayborn, John (mentioned Capt Newell of Col Bluford’s Rgt. Hillsborough 1780) s1945
Clayton, Coleman W6692, 19Sep1832, Person Co NC, Capt John Douglass, Col Williams, to BKM the prisoners to Salem. Witness Jacob Vanhook S9509.
Clayton, William
Clem, William
Clements, Cornelius (Major Singleton ?BKM) download s8218 deposition
Cleveland, Benjamin Colonel, Wilkes County
Cleveland, Ezekiel
Cleveland, John, Lieutenant (son of Benjamin) download widow Catharine’s pension deposition
Cleveland, Larkin, Lieutenant (Wounded en route to King’s Mt.)
Cleveland, Robert (brother of Benjamin)
Cline, Michael
Clinton, Peter W9390, Captain, Snow Campaign 1776, not BKM
Cloa, Willis
Clon, William
Clowney, Samuel
Cloud, Joseph, Captain (Cloud) under Col Cleveland named in several vets’ declarations (e.g. Wm Boyd, Wm Hooker,)
Cobb, Arthur
Cobb, David, R2071 06Feb1837, Carthage, Smith Co TN, re/widow Catherine Cobb. Wit: John Scott, that he lived on road near Catawba, that Cobb had a sword and brace of pistols riding by his place many times during war, that BKM was probable under Captain Lofton, Major Chronicle. download r2071 depositions
Cobb, Jerry
Cobb, John, w20902, was home guard for Nolichucky during BKM.
Cobb, Pharoh
Cobb, William Jr.
Cobb, William Sr.
Cocke, William, per KK White, Captain under Shelby. No soldiers claimed to serve under him.
Cockerham, Daniel s8241, 18Aug1832, age 69, Surry Co, Captain Absolam Bostick, Major Winston. Capt James Sheppard sent him home sick. Major Micajah Lewis. Missed BKM. Recovered and came to Moravian Town to guard prisoners.
Cockrell, John (?)
Coffey, Benjamin (under Captain John Barton, Col Cleveland, horse down, joined infantry and arrived after battle to guard prisoners) download s1655 deposition
Coffey, Nathan, S39287, Says in SC remnant w/ Sol Campbell joined in for BKM. There were a number of Coffey’s around Sumter’s area of SC.
Coffey, Reuben, S46916 28Aug1832, Wayne Co KY, age 72, Lt Benjamin Guest, Capt Moses Guest, Major Hartgrove, Wilkes Co. To BKM, Widow Bickerstaff, Moravian Town.
Cogburn, Henry, S21711, 06Oct1832, Union District, Caswell Co NC Captain Moore, Col Moore, during service at Salisbury BKM was fought.
Coile, James, (Colel) S31624, July 1824, Madison Co GA, Born Augusta Co, Moved to Wahaw SC, Capt under Gen Sumter, wounded in leg at BKM, Wit: Thomas Glaze, Wit: John Hamilton S37981 served under Capt James (Kile) download s31624 deposition
Cole, Jobe
Cole, Joseph, Summers Annals
Cole, Thomas
Cole, William
Coleman, Clayton, (Wit: for VanHook S9509) 27May1833, Halifax Co VA. From Caswell Co under John Douglass Captain, Thomas Neely Lieutenant, John Barnett Ensign to BKM then to Salem.
Coleman, Spense
Colley, Daniel
Colley, Thomas
Collins, Henry, W10996, from Bedford County under Captain Jesse Beene, arrived at BKM when it ended.
Collins, James
Collins, James Potter, R2173, 08Apr1834, age 70, Feliciana Parish LA, under Col Chronicle, Capt Watson who was wounded and died a few days after. Draper papers 2DD214. Caldwell and Watson were wounded and taken home where they died. Not Samuel Caldwell who was at Cowpens and Guilford later. Much detail is in this inside file r2173 shows transcription r2412.
download r2173 deposition
also see John Roberts’ Autobiography of a Revolutionary War Soldier p 50-54
Collins, John, W6735, –Sep1832, Hall Co GA, age 71, Charleston, roaming refugees from Ga/SC captured by Maj Ferguson, sentenced to hang, escaped, to BKM. 1853, widow Phoebe Collins in Cobb Co GA applied for widow’s pension. download W6735 deposition
Collins, Samuel
Collinworth, John, S30965, under Capt Trigg, Major Joseph Cloyd to BKM, arrived late
Colville, Andrew Captain CC FC FB WH V
Colville, Joseph orphaned infant of Samuel and Agnes Colville inherited a Wolf Hill tract
Colville, Samuel (w) (not, Samuel Colville died at Blacks Fort about six months before the battle. Perhaps his brother Joseph was wounded, but is not on the KM obelisk plaque.)
Combs, Nicholas, R2186 14Nov1845, Perry Co KY, age 85, had a disability pension from earlier, wit: 18Jul1856, John Hacker from Squabble state, Fort Shelby that Combs joined after BKM, Col Armstrong, Capt John Lewis, William and John Combs also soldiered. download r2186 deposition
interesting DD214
Combs, William w8757, 23Jun1853, Washington Co TN, Michal Taylor Staire, widow age 75, 30Dec1835 husband Wm Combs died in Jefferson Co TN. Often spoke of BKM. from Wilkes Co
Compton, Jeremiah
Condley, John, Captain
Condry, William
Conn, James (w) (under Captain Wm Graham, Col Williams, not on wounded plaque) download S15386 deposition
Connelly, John, Captain (Burke County, NC)
Conner, Isaac, S10465 25Dec1832, Pendleton Co KY, Capt Samuel Miller, Major Joseph McDowell at BKM, earlier was with Elijah Clarke
Conner, William, S30955, 04Mar1833, Montgomery Co KY, age 70, Capt Underwood under Maj Winston, Surry Co to BKM, Capt Phillips after BKM ranging against Tories download s30955 deposition
Coody, Richard, S32577, missed BKM
Cook, Charles
Cook, Edward
Cook, Elisha
Cook, George, S31627, Elbert Co GA 20Jan1834, age 69, Wilkes Co, Capt Lenoir, gaurded BKM prisoners at Moravian Town.
Cook, Robert
Cook, William (S10480 Long Island, Joseph Martin)
Coombs, William, see William Combs
Coop, Horatio
Cooper, Christopher, r2303, Wilson Co TN, Drafted in Washington Co VA, w/20 men to BKM but arrived too late.
Cooper, James (k) not on plaque
Cooper, Thomas, S21128 24Jul1832, Fentress Co TN, age 69, Ensign William Young, Captain James Elliott, Col Shelby, ordered to patrol and gather prisoners on approach to BKM. Back 2 hrs after battle. Guarded prisoners to Wilkes CH. Mar1781 under Joseph Martin, Captain John Steel around Powell Vall, Clinch and Holston rounding up Indian renegades.
Copeland, Alexander, W9395 03Nov1847 Widow Rebecca Copeland.Rutherofrd Co NC, Was at father in law’s house within earshot of BKM. Alexander was away with soldiers, not sure where. Lafford French, William French, Simon French, Hugh Moore, William Moore, James Alexander, and James Bingham witnesses not called to testify. SC Comptroller produced pay records of SC Militia.
Copeland, John S30966, 21Jul1834, Logan Co KY, age 74, York Co, Lt Rigdon to Join Shelby’s Vols, Captain Loving, Gen Lacey from York Dist SC, 3d day to BKM, detached to build barracks for wretched wounded creatures, not a few. Then to Guilford with a detachment of prisoners. Back to Gilbert Town for discharge. download S30966 deposition
Copeland, Zacheus S2470, 10Dec1832, Jefferson Co TN, Capt Johnathan Webb, Major Heardon, Col Shelby, infantry in reserve at Cowpens during BKM.
Cope, John
Cordill, James, S30344 12Aug1833, Perry Co KY, age 80, Wilkes Co, Capt Samuel Johnson COl Cleveland, foor soldier could hear BKM, then gathered prisoners, back to Wilkes Co. Wit: brother Stephen Cordill and Roger Turner S14737.
Cordill, Stephen R2315, 12Aug1833, Stephen Cordill, age 70, Capt Johnson, Maj Dick Allen, Col Cleveland, same as brother.
Corry, James, Lieutenant (k). A typo on the 1909 plaque. Actually sgt James Curry
Corry, Nicholas, S21126 23Jan1835, age 83, Union District, no mention of BKM
Cosby, James
Costner, Thomas, W18856, Lincoln County, did not mention BKM in FPA
Coulter, John, Captain
Coulter, Martin
Coultrie, Robert
Covey, Samuel (substitute for Robert Campbell, under Captain William Edmondson) download s3190 deposition
Courtney, James, s9265, to BKM under Col Campbell, guarded horses nearby, not in battle.
Cowan, Andrew Captain CC FC FB WH V
Cowan, David
Cowan, James
Cowan, Nathaniel
Cowan, Samuel
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, William, Captain
Cox, Charles
Cox, Curd
Cox, James
Cox, John S21124 30Dec1933, Roane Co, the Fort Meade, TN, age 75, Capt White, Col Cleveland, to BKM
Cox, Joseph, S41494, 14Aug1821, Surry Co, age 61, At BKM as sub, no officers named.
Cox, William, Captain (w)
Curry, James, sgt from Blacks Fort under Col Campbell KIA.
Crabtree, Jacob, R2420, Lee County VA, 22Jan1833, age 73, foot soldier under Captain Dysart
download r2420 deposition
Crabtree, James, Captain (under Wm Bowen, caring for sick during battle) download pension deposition
Crabtree, William R2421 no mention of BKM Randolph Co NC
Crabtree, William, W26445, to BKM under Col Campbell, Capt Edmondson
Craig, David CC FC FB WH V
Craig, James CC
Craig, John R2426 15Mar1839, Barbary Craig age 87, Morgan Co TN, John died 1838 in Morgan Co, was with Shelby at BKM. Married by Squire Gilbert Christy and with Christy (Christian) in TN River campaign.
Craig, John S16740 –Sep—- Limestone Co AL From Washington Co VA Capt David Beaty to BKM, then to Old Bethlehem a Moravian Town guarding prisoners. That sometime afterwards & in the Spring following, he was marched with a body of sixty men under the command of Lieutenant Samuel Newel against the Shawnee Indians who had made an incursion into Washington County & killed some people & he pursued said Indians across big Sandy River & that he was on this service upwards of six weeks.
Wit: Jeremiah Alexander was in the same and Craig’s description is true. D 24Mar1852, survived by widow Jane.
Craig, John CC DB FC FB WH V, maybe a fourth John Craig made the fort at Maryville.
Craig, Robert, Captain CC
Crain, John S1753 Hardeman Co TN, 10Jan1833, Capt Walton, Col Cleveland, Wilkes Co to BKM. Then prisoner detail to Moravian town. download s1753 deposition
Crawford, Charles
Crawford, John (says Kings Mtn under Gen Morgan, but Morgan was not there) download r2470 deposition
Creed, Colby S32194 13Nov1832, age 74, Morgan Co IL, Surry Co, Capt James Giddings, joined Col Cleveland, captured by Tories and taken prisoner to Ferguson. BKM freed him. download s32194 deposition
Creely, John (Crilly) DB 1782 Alexander Montgomery’s precinct, 5 horses, WCSB p 204
Creely, John Jr (?) David Beattie’s roster had two Creely entries, Colin Creely also owned property in the neighborhood.
Crenshaw, John
Cresson, Andrew, W6767 22Oct1820, age 69 Burke Co NC, Capt Dixon all over after escape from Charleson, to BKM, no details.
Creswell, Andrew (CC Henry) WH FB, moved from Abingdon to Boyds Creek 1783, Aug1832 before John Pitner, Sevier Co TN, witness John McCroskey download s1948 deposition In a letter Dec 1832 to John Preston, Creswell described some battle details from his perspective in Dysart’s company.
Crock, William
Crocker, Anthony, S9267 29Sep1832, age 74, Spartanburg District, after BKM for point of reference
Crockett, Alexander, R2496 27Mar1851, Widow Elizabeth, age 75, Monroe Co IN, BKM under Shelby m in Grainger Co TN, d. 1816.
Crockett, Anthony, S10492, 17Dec1832, age 76, Franklin Co, KY, From Botetourt Co VA to Long Island, TN River to MS River, to Kaskasia, Vincennes w/ GR Clark, 1st Lt under Capt Jesse Evans, Clark sent home to recruit. Recruited more troops, skirmishes w/Tories. En route to BKM when it was fought. 1781 to KY, joined w/Benj Logan.
Crockett, John BKM, Son killed him a bar, when he was only three.
Crockett, Joseph, Captain
Crockett, Robert, S30353 11Feb1833, age 78, Cumberland Co KY, From Sullivan Co w/Capt Bledsoe, Col Shelby, to BKM, moved to Greene Co TN, to Cumberland Co abt 1800. wit James Williams. S32607 download s303538 deposition
Crockett, Samuel
Crockett, Walter, Major
Crockett, William, Lieutenant, BKM, brother of John and Robert
Cross, Abraham
Cross, Elijah
Cross, Joseph
Cross, William
Cross, Zachariah (?)
Crossland, John, S18784 27Nov1819, Abbeville District, wit John Bowie, 1850, son want’s dependent pension. Claimed BKM. Dad had pension and mom had widow’s pension. SC comptroller found no military record..
Crow, James, Campbell, Heroes
Crow, John, Captain
Crum, Adam, S8260 Lawrence Co KY, 13Mar1834, age 77, Burke Co Capt Lenoir, Col McDowell, to BKM. Details. download s8260 deposition
Crumbless, Thomas
Crunk, William
Culbertson, Josiah 18Sep1832 Daviess Co IN, age 84 (Roebuck) download S16354 deposition Son in law of Col John Thomas of 96 District
Culbertson, Robert (under Captain Robert McMullen, Col James Williams) download S21722 deposition
Culbertson, Samuel, Capt under Col Williams, s1585
Culton, Joseph (Montgomery Co to Washington Co VA under Wm Edmonson) download s16742 deposition not in Summers’ list
Cummings, Andrew
Cunningham, George W2071 13Aug1832, age 79, Bedford Co TN, under brother Capt John Cunningham at BKM. then Col Williams at Cowpens. Whoops. Col Williams was killed at BKM. Claimed witnesses John McWhorter S32400 and William McCarter W4736 not called.
Cunningham, John R2425, Carroll Co TN, 23Jan 1843, widow Ann, age 80, wit: Thomas Alexander appeared in Williamson Co 10Aug1843, claimed that Ann was his sister. Ann said she lived in Lincoln Co in earshot of BKM and heard it. Her father and two brothers were in it in Captain Barber’s Company. John lived in York District. John died 1783. m William Patterson d 1794, m James Holmes d 1807, m James Craig d. 1828, all BKM vets.
download r2425 deposition
Cunningham, John, Major, W6752, under Col CLarke no mention of BKM
Cunningham, Jonathan
Curren, John, AA1486, Col Hill
Curry, James, Sgt, KIA DB (Curey) Dysart’s Co per Summers. See Frost deposition s31043
Page 206 – Samuel Davies…100 ac…Commissioners Certificate…on the head of the east fork of Beaver Creek, branch of Holstein River…December 9, 1782 – Samuel Davies…100 ac on the waters of Beaver Creek joining the Widow Curry, actual settlement made in 1773…August 16, 1781
Cusick, George
Cusick, John CC FC FB WH V
Cutbirth, Andrew
Dalton, John
Dameron, George
Daniels, James, s7245, under Col Clarke, with Capt Josiah Dunn
Darcy, Joel S6788 11Dec1845, Decatur Co GA, age 80, From August under Col Elijah Clarke, to BKM arrived after British already captured.
Darnell, Cornelius
Darnell, David (w)
Darnell, Lawrence
Darten, Edward (Dorton) (Powell Valley, Cumberland Gap, Capt John Snoddy, Darten’s brother killed and scalped. Another brother to BKM. Wm and Moses Dorton had land records on Copper Creek of Clinch River. Age 82, Floyd Co KY 12Dec1833. Interesting details in DD214. download s30983 deposition
Daugherty, George, Captain
Daugherty, William, W3229 25Sep1833, Merger Co PA, age 78, Ninety Six District, Captain Samuel Ewing, Col James Williams, to BKM, Col Joseph Hayes replaced KIA Williams, then back to ninety Six.
Dave, Thomas
Davenport, James, S10350, with James Ballew, s10350
Davenport, William, 04May1853, Casey Co KY, son Thomas Davenport, download r2678 deposition
David, Azariah
Davidson, Benjamin
Davidson, Daniel
Davidson, Samuel
Davidson, William, Col Campbell, Capt Andrew Colville, Draper
Davis, Andrew, Lieutenant
Davis, Charles, S6785 14Sep1832, age 80, Stokes Co NC, Gilford Co NC, Capt John Halbert, sent to Moravian Town to guard BKM prisoners.
Davis, James, S2498 12Mar1833, age 79, Stokes Co NC, Major Winston to guard BKM prisoners at Moravian Town
Davis, Joel, BKM per Alderman
Davis, John, Captain CC, brother of Nathaniel, Rboert, and Samuel, BKM under Campbell per KK White. Married Widow Curry.
Davis, Jonathan, R2722 16Feb1839, age 79, White Co TN. Widow Hannah. From Rowan Co NC. KIA at King’s Mountain or at Camden? See NC land grant for KIA. download r2722 deposition wit:Benjoamin Brown. S3061 Wit: Son Jonathan 05Oct1780 letter from Cowpens.
Davis, Joshua, R2741 31Jan43, Claiborne Co TN, age 81, under Capt Joseph Sharp in hearing of BKM.
Davis, Nathaniel CC S30366 20May1833, age 79, Caldwell Co KY. under Capt John Davis, my brother, and Col Robert Craig, spy on Clinch River, Ryes Cove. Under Captain George Maxfiled, Col Shelby to BKM. gaurded prisoners to Shallow Ford of Yadkin. download s30366 deposition
Davis, Robert, BKM under Campbell per KK White
Davis, Samuel, BKM under Campbell per KK White
Davis, Snead, S32205, 21Mar1834, age 81, Livingston Co KY, From Burke Co, Captain Biecknell, Col Cleveland, to BKM, prisoners to Moravian Town, then to Salisbury.
Davis, Vachel, R2770 10Jul1837, age 14 on 04Jul1776, Harlan Co KY, From Ninety Six District, Joined Capt Rawley Roebuck, Col Elijah Clarke seiging Augusta, Red Coat Col Cruger from Ninety Six came to relieve Augusta and Clarke retreated to Greasy Cove of Chucky River. There when BKM was fought, then back to SC.
Davis, William W8653 14Nov1850, York District remnant fro Col Bratton regt, per Thomas Davis son of Wm and Martha Spence Davis, decd, Wm at BKM.
Davis, William, W8657 08Oct1832, Hopkins Co KY, under Capt Joel Lewis, Major Micajah Lewis, Col Cleveland to BKM.
Davison, Daniel, Lieutenant
Davison, William, Lieutenant CC
Dawson, Elias
Deatheridge, John
Delaney, William
Dellinger, John, per WL Alexander, Lincoln Co
DeMoss, Abraham, Captain, Wilkes County NC under Col Cleveland S3446 Peek at Bellvue TN monument to Abraham DeMoss
Denham, David, W27540 o1Dec1834, age 80, Hawkins Co TN, Guilford Courthouse under Col Holston to Long Island, joined Sevier under Capt Elijah Witt. Kicked by horse and missed BKM. brother of Hardin.
Denham, Hardin (In Guilford Co when BKM happened) s30985
Denman, John
Dennison, Robert CC
Denny, Elijah
Depew, Isaac
Depriest, William, S8319 10Sep1932, age 75, Rutherford Co NC, Captain James Shelpby, Long Island, Indian Patrols, Capt Jesse Beene, then Capt Samuel Montgomery, Sevier to BKM. Wit: William Polk S3706 from Wake Co NC.
Desha, Robert
Deshasure. Henry, S16362 10Aug1832, Mercer Co KY, age 72, wit Benjamin Warford (Wofford) W8977 Anderson Co 13Sep1832 “was with him at BKM” Col Brandon, Capt Hughes
Detgaoorett, John
Dickenson, Henry, Col Campbell, Capt Colville, Draper
Dickenson, Isham
Dickey, Andrew
Dickey, David, Lincoln Co per WL Alexander, Draper, but not BKM per S2522, his own pension deposition. A patriot from Rowan (Iredell) county.
Dickey, John, Captain w3962 22Sep1844, widow Elizabeth age 79, Iredell Co NC, typed not said BKM though widow did not. Under Col Williams then Col Hayes after Williams KIA. A 1924 FPA summary says from Center Congregation of Rowan Co and states BKM though not seen in manuscript.
Dickinson, Henry
Dickson, Joseph, Major, (Dixon) Tryon per S9003, Capt Samuel Martin, Dixon took over when Graham left. 20 men
Dillard, Benjamin
Dillard, James, Captain (Col Williams) download s6797 deposition
Diviny, Aaron, S8321 Captain, captured by Ferguson’s spies and missed BKM. wit: Col Graham.
Dixon, Joel
Dixon, John
Dixon, Joseph, see Dickson
Doaling, Robert
Doak, Samuel, parson at Sycamore Shoals, not in battle
Dobbs, Chesley W917 19Jun1833, age 84, Claiborne Co TN, captured by Tories and paroled. Col Cleveland dismissed from BKM duty “If they capture you, they will kill you.”
Dobkins, Jacob
Dobson, John, W19187 Capt killed at Ramsour’s Mill.
Dobson, Joseph Jr.(under McDowell) download w19187 deposition 22Oct1832, age 76, Burke Co NC, Capt Dobson, Capt Joseph McDowell, Aug1780 retreat to Watauga, joined with Vols to BKM. Wounded, treated by British doctor, taken in a wagon by Col Johnson to George Wilfong’s in Lincoln Co to recover.
Dobson, Joseph Sr. Surgeon in Burke County who treated about twenty Patriots wounded at BKM and numerous wounds from other actions.
Dobson, Robert
Dodd, William
Doherty, George Sr.(s1807 with Sevier, imprecise details, not BKM)
Dolberry, Lytton
Dollarhide, John, R3001 116May1846, From Sevier Co Ark, Captain John Douglas, Col Cleveland in BKM. (But Douglass was under Col James Williams) download R3001 deposition
Donald, James
Donelson, John, Capt.
Doran, Alexander
Doran, James
Doran, Terence
Dorton, Edward
Dorton, Moses
Dorton, William Jr.
Doughtery, George Capt.
Douglass, Edward (Dugless) download s3297 deposition 17Jul1833, age 70, Jefferson Co TN, Surry Co, Captain Lewis, Col Cleveland, to BKM, then
Douglas, James
Douglas, Robert
Douglas, Johnathan (w) CC wounded accidentally per Summers Annals
Douglass, John, Captain (named by VanHook S9509) 27May1833, Halifax Co VA. From Caswell Co under Col James Williams, Thomas Neely Lieutenant, John Barnett Ensign to BKM then to Salem.
Dover, Francis R3052 19Nov1832, age 71, Habersham GA, Lived in York District a mile from BKM, was not in the battle.
Downs, Jonathan, W21000 10Dec1838, age 82, Laurens District, Major Williams was killed at BKM, Downs was not there.
Dryden, Nathaniel, Lieutenant, KIA plaque DB 1771 WCSB P36, 1782 Widow Mary in James Montgomery’s precinct
Dryden, James
Dryden, William
Duck, Samuel (see Doak)
Duckworth, John (under Captain Thomas Kennedy, Major Joseph MMcDowell) download s6805 deposition
Duncan, Benjamin, w7052, not bkm
Dudley, William R3105 09May1854, age 94, Adair Co KY, Col Clevelaand
Duff, David (k) Lacey, Sumter’s remnant
Duff, James, Capt. Survived Sumter’s regiment. 12 pensioners testified that they served under him. James McCallon said he and Duff joined Col Graham for the BKM.
Duff, Samuel, DB 1772 Woolf Creek, WCSB p 374, 1782 James Montgomery Precinct 3 horses
Duff, William, Captain
Duick, Timothy, Moss
Duncan, Benjamin, W7052 12Jun1841, Widow Mary, Anderson Co TN, age 85, wit: Thomas Davis. At Kings Mountain before BKM.
Duncan, Jesse
Duncan, John (under Abram Trigg) But Trigg was not at BKM
Duncan, Joseph
Duncan, Thomas
Dunlop, James
Dunn, Alexander, R3142 23Oct1832, age 82, Monroe Co GA, Capt Hamptom retreated from Ferguson to TN, then joined the Vols and to BKM with Col Cleveland. Brother Andrew Dunn was Lt.
Dunn, Andrew, Lieutenant, Capt Hampton, Col McDowell. KIA about 3 weeks before BKM.
Dunn, Joseph, S12811 20Aug1832, age 77, Caldwell Co KY, brother of Andrew and Alexander, same events with Alexander.
Dunn, Josiah, S7245, Col Elijah Clarke, a captain, Levi Motes went home to get some clothes while Dunn went to BKM.
Dunn, Samuel
Dunn, William
Dunsmore, James (Captain Mannen, Col Shelby) download w7058 deposition Stayed with the baggage.
Durham, Mastin, S1197 24Aug1832, age 77, Wayne Co KY, Capt John Benton, Col Elijah Isaaks, from Wilkes Co, met Cleveland at Cryders Fort, joined the Vols at Cowpens, then to BKM. Lost horse, joined Col Richard Allen, to Colston’s old field, met horsemen with prisoners, joined his old company, to Col Walkers in Rutherford Co, held court martial, to widow Biggerstff’s 3 miles away, hung nine leaders. then to Moravian Town. download s2197 deposition
Dysart, James, Captain (w) V CC PC D download Beattie/Dysart info (pronounce DEE surt? since so many said Deasy)
Dysart, John (under Captain Woods, Maj Joseph McDowell) download s3315 deposition at headwaters of Cain Creek, Dysartsville NC, McDowell, Rutherford, Burke Co corners. Father James Dysart and Brother William Dysart were killed with Genl Davidson at Cowans Ford. Likely they were at BKM, too? Sister Elizabeth Dysart married Capt Robert Patton. Pronounce DIE surt?
Eaken, William
Earnest, Earnest
Earnest, Rev. Felix (under Captain Williams, Sevier) download w7066 deposition
Eaton, Christopher R3214 13Nov1832, age 76, Surry Co, guarded BKM prisoners at Old Town, then to Salisbury with them.
Eberhart, Jacob S31661 05Nov1832, age 76, Oglethorpe Co GA, Captain Thomas Lydle, Joseph McDowell, BKM, prisoners to Moravian Town.
Eddleman, Peter
Edgman, William
The patriarch of the Edmiston clan in SW VA, William Edmiston, settled in 1763, was the last to spell his name that way. The others were in the process of switching to Edmondson by the time of BKM. Some contined to spell it either way. They lived south of Glade Spring west of Friendship and east of Liberty Hall, the name given to an early school. Robert Edmiston was at Liberty Hall Academy as were both Col Campbell’s, David Campbell, and Samuel Newell of Washington Co, also Samuel Doak, the chaplain of Sycamore Shoals. Researchers should search for Edmiston in Augusta County records and Edmondson is Scottish records.
Edmondson, Andrew, Captain, (k) DB Widow Anne in 1782
Edmondson, Moses, DB WCSB 374
Edmondson, Robert Jr., Lieutenant, (w) DB wounded, John Craig bandaged his arm.
Edmondson, Robert Sr., Captain (k) Widow Mary in 1782 William Edmondson’s precinct 4 horses, Colville’s Company
Edmondson, Samuel, under Campbell, David Beattie, per Summers Annals
Edmondson, William, Captain (k) DB Widow Elizabeth in 1782 William Edmondson’s precinct 2 horses
Edmondson, William, Major
Edmondson, William, pvt
Edwards, Andrew R3262 07Jul1851, Laurens District, wit Edward Scruggs age 81, for Thomas Edwards, surviving son, said Edwards was at BKM. Some of his Companions in arms were Richard Anderson, William Sanderson, William Criddle, James Criddle and John Burton of said Cumberland County Virginia, that said Andrew Edwards always claimed to be a Soldier of the Revolution;
Edwards, William R3263, 19Aug1832, age 85, Robertson Co TN, Col Wade, Capt William Jones, was in earshot, arrived BKM, nothing left to do, so departed.
Elder, Robert s12865, 25Mar1833, age 75, Lincoln Co KY, (Lt Kincannon, Captain Dysart, Major Wm Edmundson) download s12865 deposition
Elliot, James, Captain
Ellison, John Pvt under Capt Samuel Newell and Lt James Jameison, then as sub for John Funkhouser in Spring and Summer before Ferguson’s defeat. Remained on frontier and did not go to BKM. FPA S6820 from Rutherford Co NC 1832.
Elkins, James V Reece Bowen’s Company, foot soldier download Bowen’s men roster download pension w8803 Russell Co VA to Clark Co KY with George Bowen and Thomas Lowery
Elledge, Jacob S1511 12Jul1837, Bradley Co TN, Wilkes Co, Capt Hartgroves Col Cleveland. Foot soldier in reserve at BKM, marched prisoners to Moravian Town. transfer pension from Maury Co GA.
Elliot, Arthur R3300 05Jun1859 age 83, Widow Mary Elliot, Habersham Co GA, Son stated BKM.
Elliott, James, sc
Elliott, James, W1703, Capt under Col Shelby
Elliott, Thomas, r3294
Ellison, John, S6820, 25Oct1832, Rutherford Co NC, age 70+/-, Was patrolling around Cumberland Gap in Capt Samuel Newell’s Company during BKM. peek at pension file s6820 Lee Co VA
Elmore, William
Elsbury, Jacob, W10016 14Nov1833, age 70, Dearborn Co IN, In Morvaian Town, thinks Micajah Lewis was killed at BKM.
Ely, William
Endecott, Moses, R3348A, 12Mar1833, age 73, Harrison Co KY, Lead from Chiswell mines, tories stole horse, was foot soldier to BKM, missed battle. Surry Co, Major Franklin.
Enloe, Potter W11912, 14Jul1854, age 61, Nancy Enloe, Widow. Spartanburg District. Captain Montgomery and Sam Otterson’s Rgt at BKM.
England, John
England, Joseph
Enlow, Potter (see Enloe)
Epperson, Thompson, W7115 03Sep1832, age 75, Franklin Co GA, Wilkes Co Capt Moses Guest, BKM. Wit: Moses Guest W11072
and John Stonecypher S16539
Erwin, Alexander, s31669, capt under McDowell per a few vets, retreat to Watauga
Erwin, Arthur, per McCall
Espey, James (Captain Isaac White, Col Wm Graham, Tryon then Lincoln Co NC) twin brother Joseph is shown by Will Graves as John in s31669 download s31668 deposition
Espey, Samuel, Captain (w) (Captain Isaac White, Col Wm Graham) download s6824 deposition
Estill, Benjamin
Evans, Andrew
V FB PC D (Capt Edmondson’s company, Capt and Lt killed) download w10019 deposition
Evans, Andrew 24Sep1832 Rhea Co TN, age 69. b 01Apr1763 Frederick Co, sub for father Samuel Evans in Washinton Co 1779, sub for brother Joseph Evans 1780, download s3341 deposition
Evans, Ardin
Evans, David
Evans, Elisha, S6830 08Oc1832, age 72, Caswell Co NC, Capt John McMullen, Col James Williams, to BKM, to Moravian Town
Evans, Evan
Evans, John, S2200 26Oct1835, age 72, Lincoln Co TN, Capt Wollridge, Lt Hedgepeth, Old Moravian Town to guard BKM prisoners.
Evans, Nathaniel
Evans, Phillip (Capt. Minor Smith, Col Locke) download w5272 deposition
Evans, Samuel CC (Father of Andrew s3341)
Everett, William, from Pittsylvania Co VA with Capt Jo Morton, Col Peter Perkins to Battle of Guilford CH
Ewart, James
Ewart, Robert
Ewin, Hugh, ,,, Maj Chronicle, Capt Andrew Barry, Took wounded Robert Henry home after BKM.
Ewing, Alexander, Captain
Ewing, George
Ewing, Nathaniel, NC under Capt James Hawston (or Houston) per Will Graves
Fagan, John, (w) under Col Shelby, Capt, son Robert Lanier Fagon, wounded assaulting the breastwork of wagons
Fain, Ebenezer (w), not on plaque, but in testimony) (Capt Christopher Taylor, Col Sevier, earlier Blacks Fort) download r3421 deposition
Fain, John, Captain
Fain, Nicholas
Fain, Samuel
Fair, Barnabas (Capt Minor Smith, Col Cleveland, Capt Smith Wounded, 06Oct1832, Tuscaloosa AL, age 74/75) download s12895 deposition
Fairchild, Abijah, R3428 06Aug1834, age 71, Capt Robert Cleveland and Richard Stonecypher, Missed BKM guarded prisoners.
Fairchild, Abjud, R3428, 18Feb1834, age 71, Floyd Co KY, Capt William Jackson, Col Cleveland, foot soldier, arrived day after BKM, brought wagon of the spoils of BKM to Wikes Co. download S15420 deposition
Fapolson, Andrew, Captain
Farewell, James
Farewell, John
Faris, Alexander, W2071 SC, lost rifle at BKM
Faris, Isaac
Faris, John
Faris, Larkin
Faris, Martin
Faris, Richard
Faris, Thomas
Farnes, John Lientt.
Farrow, John S21193 16Oct1832, age 75, Laurens District, Capt Roebuck near Augusta, not at BKM.
Farrow, Landon
Farrow, Samuel
Farrow, Thomas
Fear, Edmond, Captain, s15305, under McDowell, arrived when Tories stacked arms
Fear, Thomas
Feimster, William
Felmott, Dorus, W3969 Haywood Co NC, not at BKM
Ferguson, Andrew 16Aug1838, Monroe Co IN, age 73, black free person download s32243y deposition
Ferguson, Joseph
Ferguson, Samuel of Tazewell County VA per DE Johnston was in Rees Bowen’s company.
Fields, John (from Squabble State (between Henderson and Wlaker’s lines) John Sevier’s Rgt to Lookout Mtn, not BKM 08 Feb1852, age 87, Perry Co KY) download r3529 deposition
Ferrill, Smith S1513 29Oct1832, age 74, Overton Co TN. BKM and Boyds Creek download s1513 deposition
Fields, John, S8471 25Mar1850, age 89, Patrick Co VA, Captain John Smith, Col James Williams, 3 bayonet wounds, guarded prisoners
Fields John Shelby r3529
Findley George, s31043, Capt (actually lieutenant) under Col Campbell was called from lead mine guard duty to BKM. download s31043 deposition
Finley John was in Battle of Long Island under Col Campbell Capt Edmondson. Not BKM
Finn, Peter S32244, Sevier, Sevier
Fisher, Frederick, (w) download widow’s pension deposition
Fisher, John W25580 02Jul1833, age 76, Warren Co TN, prisoner of Ferguson freed by BKM. To Moravian Town. download s20364 deposition
Fitch, John
Fitzgerald, Thomas, David Musick and Thomas Fitzwater mentioned by St Louis attorney John P Darby in St Louis Republican 1880 article as Kings Mtn veterans. Said he prepared their pension papers. Musick was in the western Carolina area, but did not mention Kings Mountain. No mention elsewhere found of the other two.
Fitzpatrick, John W7276 12Oct1838, age 84, widow Sarah, Smith Co TN. Surry Co, BKM, horse shot through the neck.
Flagg, Henry Collins, W10996, widow Rachel, 22Aug1838, Charleston District, Dr at Charleston, not BKM
Fleck, James S15430 08Oct1832, age 71, Todd Co KY. not BKM
Fleenor, Charles
Fleenor, Joel
Fleenor, Michael w7288 26Mar1833, age 76, Washington Co VA (under Captain Andrew Colville, Kentucky Road, got sick on the way to BKM and missed the action. month and a half over mountain) download w7288 deposition
Flemming, John
Fletcher, Thomas
Fletcher, William, S32249 03Oct1832, age 74, Jackson Co AL, Captain, Wilkes Co, Col Herndon sent him back to get more men. Arrived at BKM day after battle. Prisoners to Moravian Town.
Flower, William (w) Killed per Summers’ History. No other Washington Co VA record found.
Floyd, Andrew S21757 16Oct1832, age 83, York District (adjutant under Col Hambright) download S21757 deposition
Floyd, John
Folson, Andrew
Forbis, John W25591 07Jan1833, age 74, Laurel Co KY, Burke Co, Col McDowell, past Gen Rutherford on the way to BKM, hung prisoners at Burke CH. download w25591 deposition
Ford, John
Forest, James S1663, 03Oct1832, age 82, Smith Co TN, Captain Johnston, Col Bell, guarded prisoners from BKM.
Forgason, James (Wilkes Co, Capt John Beverly, Col Isaacs, 12Nov1844, age 83, Cossa Co AL) download r3664 deposition
Fork, Peter
Fork, William
Forney, Abraham (Captain John Baldridge, Col James Williams) download w3976 deposition 31Oct1832, Lincoln Co NC.
Forney, Peter, Captain
Forrister, Robert
Fortune, William, R20370 13Jun1834, age 86 Sampson Co KY. Captain John Morris, Col Gunbay, Boundbrook Co MD 7th Ret. Claims BKM, but no regular army units were there. download r20370 deposition
Foster, Anthony 07Feb1833, age 74, Wilkes Co. (under Captain John Robbins, Col Cleveland, infantry following horseman, rejoined after BKM) download s2561 deposition
Fowler, James
Fowler, John
Fowler, William (k)
Fox, Allen
Fox, Daniel
Fox, John –Oct1832, age 69, Burke Co NC. (w, not on plaque, under Captain Joel Lewis, Col Cleveland) download widow’s r3734 deposition
Fox, Titus 12Mar1844, age 78, Hopkins Co KY. Wilkes Co Capt Samuel Johnston, Col Cleveland. (infantry, arrived at end of BKM) download r3724 deposition
Foy, James Sr. Lieutenant, then Captain, Wilmington Brigade in the N .C. Line
Fraley, James R3736 –Jun1834, Age 75, Floyd Co KY. Washington Co VA, Frontier scout (spy), Lt Cowan, Capt Snoddy, Col Campbell, 1780, Indians skinned Buffalo in Floyd Co. Col Campbell killed and Col Henry Smith took his place.
download r3736 deposition
Frame, William download Bowen’s men roster
Francis, Thomas
Franklin, Jesse, Captain, R7057, under Col Cleveland
Franklin, John, 31Oct1834, age 74, Burke Co. (under Tory Col Ambrose Mills, BKM with the red coats) “I saw my error before the Battle was over.” download R3756 deposition
Franklin, Stephen 29Oct1833, age 72, Anderson Co KY. BKM? (Capt Larkin Cleveland, Col Cleveland) download s15432 deposition
Franks, Marshall, S10703 22Apr1836, age 84, Pickens Co AL. Not BKM. Interesting DD214 east Augusta SC. download s10703 deposition
Frazer, Daniel
Frazer, David
Frazer, John
Frazier, Samuel
Freeland, James
Freeman, William
French,Lafford W7329 19Oct1832, age 80, Rutherford Co, NC, not BKM.
French, ——– S32577, Missed BKM
Frierson, James
Frierson, John
Frierson, Robert,
Frierson, Thomas
Frierson, William
Frigge, J. C.
Frigge, John
Frigge, Robert
Frost, Micajah 26Nov1832, age 70, Rockcastle Co KY (under Captain Finley, Col Sevier. Names KIA Sgt James Curry, Wm Blackburn, four Edmistons, Col Williams) download s31043 deposition interesting DD214.
Page 433 – John Russell, assignee of MIcajah Frost – 60 ac – treasury warrant #2482 – on Talleys Branch on the south side of the north fork of Holstein River near to a line on the east side of said Russell’s land -crossing Russell’s spring branch – February 3, 1795
Fry, Phillip
Fugate, James S15846 11Jul1842, age 87, Monroe Co MO.(Captain John Snoddy, Col Cloyd) Was at Isaac Zane’s Iron works at Opequon. FC WC download s15946x deposition His brother Randolph Fugate of Wythe County probably did some of the same things
Fugate, John S3369 27May1833, age 70, Cocke Co TN, B. Shenandoah Co to Montgomery Co VA. Indian spy Sandy River, guarded prisoners at Old Salem.
Fugate, Jonathan, R3825 17Feb1846, age 89, Breathitt Co KY, Roanoake River above Dan, Capt John Edmonson, to Gilbert Town, Col Campbell to BKM, small detachment to Staunton for discharge.
Fulkerson, Abraham, Van Hook family tradition
Fulkerson, James, Captain CC, Summers Annals, KK White, Moss possibles
Fulkerson, John, Moss list 3
Fulkerson, Richard, Summers Annals
Fulkner, David
Fuller, Brittain Captain
Fulp, Peter, W5278 10Sep1840, Stokes Co NC. Per Widow Elizabeth, was in BKM, then guarded prisoners at Old Moravian Town. Wit: Lewis Wolf (Wolff) W4403, Wit: John Venables to Dragoon after BKM under Capt Minor Smith wit: William Young R11969 to later service, sister Rebecca Young m. Capt Peter Goode. Michael Fulp also a wagoner.
Fulton, Hugh DB (Dalton or Hilton? Bordon?)
Furgason, James 25Sep1832, age 73, Rhea Co TN (under Captain Isaac White, Col Graham) download s1816 deposition
Gabriel, James,
Gaines, Ambrose
Gaines, James
Gaines, James Sr.
Galbreath, Arthur
Galbreath, John (?)
Galbreath, Robert
Galliher, Joel, Campbell, Summers Annals, horse killed
Galliher, John
Galloway, Alexander
Gambill, Martin (Capt of Wilkes Co militia, w7504, widow Nancy Nall Gambill d/o Capt Wm Nall, approved 03Nov1851, Ashe Co NC) download w7504 deposition
Gamble, Choat
Gamble, George, DB 31Mar1834, age 79, Washington Co VA, Capt Wm Edmondson, Col Campbell to BKM, then Brits to Wilkes CH. Later Chiswell lead wagons to Moravian Towns under Capt Arthur Bowen. Wit: Wm Snodgrass of Sullivan Co was with him at BKM. Wit: James Keys was wwith him at BKM. WCSB p17, 1782 one horse William Edmondson’s precinct download s10720 deposition
Gamble, Josiah CC
Gamble, Robert CC
Gambrel, see Gambill
Gammon, Harris
Gann, Nathan S1820 10Seep1832, age 73, Washington Co TN, Capt. Christopher Taylor, Col Sevier, to BKM and back, immediately under Taylor Greasy Cove up Indian Creek to NC against Cherokees. (not Boyds Creek) download s1820 deposition
Gann, Thomas s3388 29Aug1832, age 78, Hamilton Co TN Capt Wm Trimble, Col Sevier, to BKM wounded in skirmish leading to battle and did not get to final. download s3388 deposition
Garland, John W3011 15Jul1819, age 76, Knox Co KY, Widow Susannah of Laurel Co 1842, used BKM as a calendar point of reference.
Garner, John
Garrison, John S3384 27Sep1832, age 74, Wilson Co TN, at Ramsour’s when BKM.
Garrison, William download Bowen’s men roster
Gaspenson, John
Gass, John
Gaston, Joseph, S3384 22Jun1833, age 70, Chester District, stated that Col Williams fell at BKM
Gaston, William S32265 24Sep1832, age 75, Marion Co IL, Capt John McCLure, Col Ed Lacey, BKM
Gebie, David, w
Gentry, David W7511 11Feb1834, age 80, Jackson Co TN. From Bedford Co VA Capt Lewis, Col CLeveland to BKM.
Gentry, Richard, W8844 12Sep1832, age 77, Rockcastle Co KY. near the battle guarding baggage and hogs
Geren, Solomon
Gervis, James
Gibbs, Nicholas
Gilbreath, Alexander
Gibson, Billingsby S1761 (Washington Co TN 1832, Drafted Rockbridge Co for BKM?, wrong details) S1761 Valley Forge, Fraud? Joined Cambell on Yellow Mountain?
Gibson, James, Captain
Gibson, John
Gibson, Samuel W9450 09Apr1833, age 71, Highland Co OH, Indian spy at Richland Station on Cling, Captain Neel, Col Campbell, to BKM, buried dead and hauled wounded, took prisoners to Guilford CH.
Gibson, Thomas
Gilbert, Charles S31057 12Dec1833, age 77, Graves Co OH. Captain Martin and Captain Lewis, Col Cleveland, home guard during BKM.
Giles, William,,,,, Col Williams, wounded, friend William Sharp account in Draper’s Heroes
Gilkey, Samuel R4019 29Jul1844, widow Elizabeth, Winston Co MS, BKM SC militia Col Brandon
Gilleland, John, , , , Col Sevier, wounded, blank first name on obelisk plaque (KK White spells Gilleland. WC surveyor spells Gilleland). Moved south of French Broad to the head of Pigeon River (Sugarlands entrance to GSMNP?).
Gillespie, Allen S21230 10Sep1834, age 69, Washington Co TN, Captain Thomas Biddle, Col Sevier, during BKM was sent to guard fort at Big Limestone.
Gillespie, George, Colonel
Gillespie, Jacob
Gillespie, James
Gillespie, Thomas
Gilley, Francis, R4035 13Dec1840, age 105, Walker Co AL, New River VA, in BKM under Col Campbell? Capt Wm Hall
Gillham, Jacob, S3397 04Sep1832, age 71, Maury Co TN. Was under General Sumter. Used BKM as calendar pointer.
Gilliam, Devereux
Gilliespie, Thomas, Captain
Gilliespie, William, Captain
Gilliland, James, Lieutenant S15852 27Nov1833, age 88, Washington Co VA, Captain Colville to BKM, Alexander Montgomery to Boyds Creek after BKM WCSB p 162.
Gilmer, Enoch, , , , Maj Chronicle, Scout / spy who found Ferguson’s location, see Draper Heroes
Link to a Gilmer Snippet
Gilmer, William, , , , Maj Chronicle, wunded, Obelisk plaque, see Draper, William and Enoch were brothers.
Gilmore, Joseph CC W355 05Jul1842, age 79, widow Elizabeth, Fayette Co TN. d 1825, drew pension 10 yrs in Nashville. Wit: Sister Elender Alexander of Henry Co TN
Gilreath, Alexander, S8564, 30Oct1832, age 76, Wilkes Co NC, Wilkes CH two weeks, to Crider’s Fort, got sick, returned home, Met Cleveland’s force with prisoners returning to Wilkes CH, 4 weeks, prisoners to old Moravian Town in Stokes Co. Wit: Elijah Vickes. download s8564 declaration
Gilreath, William, Captain
Gist, Benjamin, , , , Col Sevier, Captain (see Guest, Benj)
Gist, Joseph
Gist, Joshua
Gist, Nathaniel, K, Lieutenant but another typo on the 1909 plaque. Lt Gist was serving in Maryland with his father during BKM.
Gist, Richard, (k) Private under Col Campbell, Edmondson
Gist, Thomas
Given, James
Given, John
Glascock, Gregory
Glascock, Jesse
Glascock, Peter
Glenn, James, S21768, 16Oct1832, age 73, York District, Capt Malcolm Henry, Col William Graham, from Lincoln Co NC, John Clarke and Robert Berry to confirm.
Glenn, John
Glover, Benjamin, S16829, 24Oct1832, age 79, Madison Co AL, Capt Palmer Judd, Col Cleveland, foot soldier arrived in ear shot, took 700 prisoners to barracks in VA, first of pulling fodder time, men at BKM Tories gathered at Shallow Ford, old men and boys turned out to defeat Tories, 14 killed, cuffing out bullets from that battleground, with Capt John Robbins to New River. download s16829 declaration
Glover, William, W929, 03Sep1832, age 72, Frnaklin Co GA, Wilkes CH, Capt Bostick, Col Cleveland, beat tories at Shallow Ford, Capt Keys guarded prisoners at Wilkes CH to New River lead mines. download w929 declaration
Godwin, Joseph
Godwin, Robinson
Godwin, Samuel
Goff, Andrew, Ensign, Col Campbell, Capt Robt Craig, Lt Wm Barnett
Goff, William
Goforth, Miles, R8973,,,Col Campbell, sub for Isaac Roman, wounded
Goforth, Preston,,,, Col Hampton, (k) Good read in Draper
Goines, Levi, R3865, 26Apr1853, age 90, Moore Co NC, Winnsboro District at time of BKM.
Good, William, (Goad) W1413, 20Aug1833, age 77, Sullivan Co TN, Capt Benjamin Clark, Col Sevier, assembled at Buffalo in Carter Co, to BKM, prisoners to Salisbury, took them as far as Shallow Ford, a recruit from VA took charge of prisoners, returned home, called again, Col Sevier to Boyds Creek. download w1413 declaration
Goodlett, William W8857, 17Sep1832, age 72, Greenville District, Capt Collins, Col Williams of GA at BKM, born Frederick Co VA, moved to Spartanburg Ditrict. Wit: George Salmon W9640, John Young W1976, 06Jul1833 appeared again.
Goodman, Henry
Gordan, Charles,,,, Col Cleveland, Lt (w), later a major, Draper, wife was William Lenoir’s sister.
Gordon, Chapman
Gordon, George
Gordon, Samuel, S30441, 14Oct1833, age 71, Todd Co KY, Col Hawthorne relieved Col Watson BKM while we were at Congaree, then to Bratton’s old field.
Gorsage, John, S2579, 26Nov1832, age 90, Sullivan Co TN, Lt Cox, Capt Topp, Col Shelby, only blacksmith in his area, relieved from BKM by Shelby if he strip iron from wagons and shoe horses.
Gourley, Thomas
Graham, James
Graham, Joseph, S6937,30Oct1832, age 73, Lincoln Co NC, Capt of Cavalry, interesting DD214, not BKM
Graham, William, S8624, 23oct1832, age 91, Rutherford Co NC, Colonel, some of his men, but no organized unit at BKM
Grantham, Richard
Grant, William Jr, W1757, militia man under Col Brandon, did not mention BKM
Grant, William Sr, W7654, captain under col Brandon, not BKM
Graves, Boston
Gray, James, S8594, 10Sep1832, age 77, Rutherford Co NC, from Tryon CO, Capt James Miller, croosed the mountain, joined Col Campbell, came back to BKM. Before BKM for 3 years not more than 2 weeks at a time at home.
Gray, James, S6928, 27Jul1832, age 78, Wilkes Co NC, Capt Benjamin Herndon, Col Cleveland, arrived day after BKM, guarded prisoners back to Wilkes. Wit: Sterling Rose
Gray, Jessee
Gray, John, S3409, 16Oct1832, age 77, Lincoln Co TN, from Wilkes Co Col Lewis (Col Ham), did not arrive in time. Guarded prisoners to Moravian Town. Wit: brother Samuel Gray, Wit: Garnett Smith was under Col Cleveland and saw Gray at BKM. 13May1833 reappeared for follow-up questions.
Gray, Samuel, S7574, 06Nov1832, age 82, Bedford Co TN, Wilkes, Capt Richard Allen, Col Cleveland, joined at Peasant Garden by Col Campbell, on duty in camp, to BKM after battle end, guarded prisoners to Salem or Moravian Town.
Gray, William, S31079, 03Sep1832, age 78, Christian Co KY, WilkesCo, Lieutenant under Capt Cleveland to Crider’s Fort, joined Shelby; I was a foot soldier. The horsemen to BKM, Met them returning with prisoners. Hung 9. TO Catawba to near Moravian Town.
Gray, William, R4232, 14Apr1843, age 83, Tishomongo Co MS, From Lauarens Co SC, Capt Lopp, 1st Lt Shelvy, to BKM.
Green, Jesse
Green, William W24319, 19Aug1836, age 78, Hickman Co KY, Green, William from Russell Co VA, Captain John Shelby w8868 henry co KY
Greene, McKeen, W7561. 24Sep1833, age 71, Washington Co GA. Captain John Inman at Cracker Neck SC, BKM as calendar pointer.
Greenlee, James, Jr., 3rd Sheriff of Burke County, at BKM under McDowell. Student at Liberty Hall, not listed among alumni.
Greenlee, Samuel, 4th Sheriff of Burke Co, Graduate of Liberty Hall.
Greer, Alexander, Sevier, Draper Heroes uses some of his statements through his son in law, but Alexander might have been with Robertson’s expedition to the Cumberland at the time of BKM.
Greer, Andrew, trapper and trader from Watauga, probably not BKM
Greer, Andrew Jr.
Greer, Benjamin, Capt from Wilkes Co probably not BKM.
Greer, Joseph. Col Shelby. rode to Philadelphia after BKM to report to Congress. 6’10”. How did Bobby Moss miss him?
Greer, Moses S8609, 12sep1832, age 88, Franklin Co VA, Captain from Bedford Co VA too late to BKM.
Greer, William, Captain of Elijah Clarke’s Georgians without a link to BKM
Greever, Phillip, Col Campbell
Gregory, James, R4292, 23Aug1832, age 82, Greenbrier Co VA, Augusta Co Captain John Patterson, Col Sevier to BKM.
Gregory, John
Gregory, William
Gresham, George, W2933, 23Oct1832, age 72, Philadelphis, BKM as calendar pointer
Grider, Martin (see Gryder)
Grier, James
Grier, John, S1906, 18Sep1832, age 69, Carter Co TN, Capt Jacob Brown, Col Sevier to BKM, wounded in knee. Boyds Creek, Captain Davis wounded S of French Broad. Got him back to Greasy Cove where he died.
Grier, Philip, In Crabtree Co, Col Campbell at with Joseph Starnes
Griffith, Joseph
Griffin, Joseph, S21247, 04Mar—-, Anderson District, several witness, enlisted Nov 1780, then in 1881, a child applying for dependent benefits said BKM.
Griffin, Ralph, S16389, 14May1833, age 79, Jefferson Co IN. From Camden District, Capt Lacey, Col Patton, Lacey promoted to Col, circuitous route to Cowpens, joined Col Campbell, then to BKM,
Griffin, William, S13205, 06Jun1837, age 83, Edgefield District, not BKM
Griffis, William, R4323, 06Jun11836, age 85, Fulton Co IL, From Abbeville District, Capt John Lewis, Maj William Purdue, Gen Greene, not at BKM, other battles, wounded.
Grimes, George
Grimes, James
Gryder, Martin, (Grider) S31078, 09Oct1832, age 81, Cumberland Co KY, Under Moses Gist of Burke Co 1779, then from Wilkes Co, Capt John Keys, Col Cleveland, to BKM. Wit: Valentine Gryder of Cumberland Co served with him.
Guest [Guess, Gist], Benjamin, S32283, 28Apr1834, age 77, Fayette Co AL, Wilkes Co NC, Capt Moses Guest, (my brother) Col Cleveland, met Col Campbell at fork of Broad River to COwpens where joined by Col Williams, to BKM. then guard prisoners to Moravian Town. a horse worth 50 dollars.
Guest [Guess, Guist], Moses Capt. W11072, 03Sep1832, age 81, Franklin Co GA, From Wilkes under Col Cleveland to BKM. Was the only commander of horses at the battle. THen herded 700 prisoners to Moravian Town. available wit” Thompson Epperson (Epposon) W7115, Henry Parks S31898, John Stonecypher S16539
Guest, William, W21239, 11Mar1833, age, 70, Pickens District, same as Moses and Benjamin, then after Moravian Town, sent by Col Cleveland to retrieve Joseph Reid at Dr Dobson’s in Burke Co, bring him to wilkes, and wait on him until he recovered.
Guthrie, Francis, R4395, 20Apr1830, age 78, Habersham Co GA, wit: Aaron Boogs, and Ebenezer Fain. Fain said BKM though Guthrie had not.
Gwaltney, Nathan
Haas, John
Haas, Simon
Hackett, John
Hackett, Robert (Genealogoy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Hadden, Elisha, R4412 06May1833, age 73, Coles Co IL, Capt James Wilson, Col Sevier to BKM, then to Hillsboro.
Hadden, George
Hadley, Joshua, Captain
Hager, Simon
Hagins, William, S30459, 20Apr1831 (4?), age 75, Perry Co KY, 16Oct1832, age 73, Bells Branch 12 miles fro Salisbury, guarded BKM prisoners.
Hahn, Benedict
Hahn, Joshua
Haile, John
Hale, Lewis
Hale, William
Hall, David
Hall, James, R4478, 25Sep1832, age –, Blount Co TN, Capt Isaac Campbell, battle at Shallow Ford of Yadkin 14Oct1780, later from Montgomery Co VA to BKM. Blurry details. Interpreted to say that he started to BKM and detoured to Shallow Ford battle with Tories.
Hall, Jesse
Hall, John, S30451, 16Oct1832, age 79, Perry Co KY, Capt Joel Lewis, Maj Micajah Lewis from Wilkes Co to BKM. Back to Moravian Town with prisoners.
Hall, John, S2589, 05Sep1832, age 81, Clinton Co OH, From Patrick Co VA, Capt Lifus Shelton, Lt Johnathan Hanby, Met Vols at Gilbert Town, to BKM. returned to Patrick Co.
Hall, John, R14699, 17Apr1853, widow Hetty Hall, age 100, husband John died in Warren Co TN. 30Jan1860, age 100, Iron Co MO. John Hall appeared to wit: for quartermaster John Hall, Hetty’s deceased.
Hall, Thomas
Hambrick, Benjamin
Hambright, Frederick, Lieut. Colonel, R4504, 06Feb1844, John Hambright, age 36, Knox Co TN, Col Hambright wounded at BKM. for grand son’s dependent’s benefits. Other SC Hambright’s also applied. Built cabin on Kings Creek not long before the battle.
Hambright, John Hardin
Hambright, John, Lieutenant W932, 10Apr1840, age 77, McMinn Co TN, Nancy Hambright, widow.
Hamby, William
Hamer, James
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Charles, Widow Hannah Henry Hamilton at court, Wayne Co KY, 28Mar1839, Congressman Tunstall Quarles took papers to DC, John Parmly of Ruessell Co witnessed that Charles Hamilton was at BKM. Rev Wm Cross of Clinton Co witnessed f/u widow and children claims
download r4512 deposition
Hamilton, David, S17998, 20Oct1832, age 82, Pickens District, Was around York District, not BKM.
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Joshua, S2608, 22aug1832, age 72, Sullivan Co TN, (Hambleton), Capt Warring, Col Shelby, to BKM. Wit: Edward Cox S3170, Jacob Beelor (Beeler or Bealer) S5277, also Boyds Creek reinforcement.
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Thomas
Hammitt, William, R4528, 22Jul1846, Talledega AL, James Hammitt (Hammett) for dependent’s benefit. Father at BKM, wounded at Kettle Creek where two undles were killed.
Hammon, John, r4542, 17Dec1832, age 76, Hall Co GA, Chiswell lead mines, wagon to militia vs Cherokee, Salisbury under Capt William Shepherd, Major Winston guarding BKM prisoners.
Hammon, John, S9559, 06Oct1835, age 75, Hamilton Co OH. Wilkes Co, Capt Martin Gambrel, Col Cleveland, to BKM.
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Martin, Col Brandon, Capt Jolly, SC auditor
Hammond, Samuel, Major, S21807, 31Oct1832, age 76, Richland District, lots of battles, maybe BKM download S21807 declaration Probably was north of Charlotte reorganizing Sumter’s remnant and sent his troops with Col Williams to BKM.
Hammonds, Obidiah, S2263, 22Sep1833, age 77, Knox Co KY, news of BKM during his tour
Hammonds, Peter, S30461, 11Feb1833, age 74, Perry Co KY, used BKM as calendar pointer.
Hammons, Benjamin
Hampton, Adam, Captain attached to Cleveland’s Wilkes County militia
Hampton, Andrew, Colonel S7945 from Rutherford Co at NC/SC boundary.
Hampton, Edward
Hampton, Joel, R4547, Hannah Hampton, widow, Logan Co KY
Hampton, John
Hampton, Jonathan
Hancock, Joseph, W359, 28Aug1832, age 70, Anderson Co KY, Capt Lenoir, Col Cleveland, day after BKM, guarded prisoners to Moravian Town.
Hancock, Stephen
Hand, Samuel, W10, 06Oct1832, age 71, Warren Co TN, Col Thomas Brandon and Lt Col William Faiar driven from their homes. joined Williams and Shelby to BKM.
Handley, Samuel, Captain, S1911, 07Sep1832, age 80, Franklin Co TN. Capt John Campbell, Col Sevier, BKM and Buckingham Island. wit: George Sherrell (Sherrill) S3902, Residence: Rockbridge to Wythe to Washington TN to Blount Co to Franklin.
Handly, Robert
Handly, Samuel
Handy, Thomas
Haney, Francis, S32292, 22Sep1832, age 78, Morgan Co IL, Capt Daniel Smith, Lt Wm Bowen, Ensign Joseph Locke, Long Island. Then in 1778 to Harrodsburg Gapt George Adams, Lt George Maxfield, then Capt George Maxfield to Thicketty Fort, then Captain Caldwell, Col Sevier to BKM, then Captain Martin to Boyds Creek. Wit Moses Webb under Capt James Webb to BKM.
download s32292 declaration
fumbled trying to pronounce Botetourt.
Hank, Michael
Hankins, Abraham
Hannah, Andrew, W794, 23Oct1833, age 73, Washington Co TN. Surry Co Capt Mynor Smith, Major Winston, Col Cleveland. Met Vols at Catawba River. BKM. To Burke Co, Dr Dobson, two with each wounded. His assignment died (Lt. Richard Vernon). Attended Capt Mynor Smith.
Hannah, Robert
Hannah, Robin, Captain
Hannah, William, S13795,,,, Col Cleveland, Capt Minor Smith, mortally wounded per William Lowe. Was a nurse, not a soldier, Lowe stayed with him to Moravian Town, then to a doctor, then stayed with him til he died
peek at FPA s13795 declaration
Hanslev, Robert S4323 (Hensley, Hinsley) 01Apr1834, age 75, Hawkins Co TN, Capt George Maxwell, Col Shelby, BKM then prisoners to Salisbury. Wit: William Walling S1935, Henry Blevins (Blevens) W1703, william Cloud
download s4323 declaration
Hardeman, Thomas
Hardin, Abraham
Hardin, Benjamin Jr S32293, 07Jan1833, age 68, Independence Co, Territory of AR, Rutherford Co to Lincoln CH, Capt Benjamin Harden, Col George Davidson, reinforced McDowell, retreat to Nolichucky, then with Vols to BKM. prisoners to Wilkes, joined Capt Jacob Brown, Col Sevier to Boyds Creek. Wit: John Caruthers S32163 download s32293 declaration
Hardin, Benjamin Sr, S32293 Captain under Davidson and McDowell, retreat to Watauga, then to BKM.
Hardin, John, S4432, Capt
Hardin, Joseph, Jr.
Hardy, John, Captain S32429 under McDowell per Thomas Patton to Nolichucky then BKM
Hardman, Charles
Hardmark, Charles
Harkleroad, Henry
Harlison, Herndon
Harmison, John
Harper, Richard
Harrell, John (?)
Harrell, Joseph (?)
Harrell, Kidder
Harrell, Reuben
Harris, Edward, R4683, 22Jan1840, age 82, widow Martha, Green Co GA. Prisoner of British at BKM.
Harris, James, per KK White, under Col. Sevier
Harris, John, W24391, 09Apr1851, widow Martha, Adams Co IL. Col Campbell, Capt Campbell. to BKM Wit: John Montgomery, he was in my regimentto May 1780
Harris, John, S21808, 05Mar1833, age 70, Anderson District, used BKM as calendar pointer
Harris, Minyard
Harris, William
Harrison, Gideon S2602, 23Aug1832, age 70, Rutherford Co TN, Capt James Wilson, Col Sevier, BKM then Boyds Creek
Harrison, Michael, Captain
Harrison, Nathaniel
Harrold, Jeremiah, S17467, 25Sep1832, age 72, Marion Co IN. BKM but no details.
Hart, Leonard
Hartley, Laban, S21269, 08Apr1833, age 81, Williamson Co TN, Capt James Craig, Rowan Co to BKM.
Harvey, Joel, R4709, not BKM
Harvey, William, S4362, 18Jan1834, age 84, Wilkes Co Captain Allen, Major Smith, not BKM though some in his unit were.
Harwell, Andrew, S31104, 17Oct1832, age 76, Perry Co KY, under Capt John Douglass of Caswll Co, Col Williams, BKM, then prisoners to Salem. Sinclair’s company, Robert Glover, John Cleveland, John McKinney, Peter Lynch and myself were in the same mess. peek at FPA s31104
Harwood, William
Hawkins, Peter (Genealogy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Hawkins, Thomas, S10796, 20Mar1833, age 90, Coneeuh Co AL, Capt George Avery, Col Ed Lacey
Hawson, Lt, per Adam Crum S8260, under Col McDowell, Capt Lenoir
Hawthorne, James, Lieut. – Colonel, Draper, in charge of Hill’s troops
Hayes, George, W7635, (Hays) 20Aug1847, age 77, Jackson Co GA, Sarah Hayes, widow
Hayes, Joseph, Colonel (Succeeded to Gen. Williams command)
Hays, Charles download Bowen’s men roster
Hays, George, W7635, pvt from Greenville District under Roebuck, Capt Parsons,
Hays, Samuel
Hays, William, S37973, 28May1834, age 74, Warren Co KY, sick with yellow fever during BKM
Hays, William, R4783, 17Dec1832, age 77, Pulaski Co KY, BKM as calendar pointer
Hayter, Israel, (w) Draper,,,, Col Campbell, Capt Dysart, wounded, helped home by John Scott
Head, James, R4814, 20Jun1843, age 75, Edgefield District, not BKM
Heady, Jacob, S2288, 08Nov1832, age 82, Spencer Co KY, BKM as calendar pointer
Heard, Richard, W4229, Son Charles thinks BKM.
Hedrick, William
Helm, Meredith
Helms, John
Helton, Abraham
Helton, Peter, R4854, 05Sep1834, age 78, McMinn Co TN, claimed BKM, but not in his second deposition 11Apr1849 in Carroll Co GA.
Hemp, Charles
Hemphill, Thomas, Captain w4234 McDowell to Watauga then BKM peek at FPA W4234
Henderson, Andrew DB WCSB p287
Henderson, Daniel
Henderson, John, R4869, 28Jun1833, age 77, Lawrence Co AL (McNairy TN) Union Co SC, Col Thomas ordered him to join Col Williams, Major Roebuck. From Rowan Co NC, with South Carolinians at BKM under Robuck.
Henderson, Joseph
Henderson, Robert, S31738, 07Jul1838, age 76, Hall Co GA, Under Col Williams to BKM, remained 10 or 15 days tending to wounded.
Henderson, THomas, W10102, 20Mar1833, age 71, Greenville District, 1845, widow Elizabeth thinks BKM
Henderson, William
Hendrick, David
Hendrick, Moses
Hendrick, Moses
Henegar, Henry, Draper, ,,,Col Campbell, KIA
Henegar, Jacob
Henery, Moses (k)
Henniger, Conrad
Henry, David
Henry, Hannah’s brother, KIA R4512
Henry, Henn
Henry, Henry
Henry, Hugh
Henry, James, Lincoln Co per WL Anderson, Draper story, his mom would not let him soil her household with British plunder and made him release the horse he found returning from Charlotte where Moses Henry died.
Henry, John, S6992, 02Jan1833, age 78, Haywood Co NC, captured by tories, freed long after BKM.
Henry, John, (k?) r4382, r4512 under Graham, Chronicle Killed at BKM
Henry, Joseph, R4382, , , , brother of Moses and John, NC Patriots by J.D. Lewis p463, private under Captain John Mattocks and Col William Graham
Henry, Malcolm, S16866, 03Nov1834, age 79, Lincoln Co MO, Captain under Col Graham to BKM. download s16866 declaration
Henry, Moses, (d) R4382, daughter Rebecca, 14Mar1853, Captain Samuel Martin, Col Graham, mortally wounded, 9 months in Charlotte before he died
Henry, Robert (w) Maj Chronicle, Andrew Barry and Hugh Ewin took him home to South Fork where his mother treated him with a good poultice.
Henry, Samuel
Henry, William, Fracis Henry and William Henry, brothers of Malcolm per S16866
Hensley, Samuel
Henson, Jessee, W8921, Capt Campbell and Capt King, Col Shelby to BKM, sprained ankle and missed battle.
Henson, Paul, W9480, 04Jul1837, age 75, Clay Co KY. Indian fighter during BKM
Henson, Robert (w) R4902, 17Mar1846, age 95, Fauquier Co VA. Brothers Charles and James Capt Slaughter to BKM. Shot in leg. Carried to hospital at Ninety Six, seven weeks, Dr Mattan.
Hereden, Edward
Hereden, James
Herndon, Benjamin, Capt and Lieut. Cleveland W18824, lived on Yadkin River by Thomas Biecknell upstream from Wilkes/Surry line
Herndon, Joseph, Major (Remained with foot soldiers)
Hewlett, William (Hughlett) Surry County Lt. under Captain James Shepherd maybe BKM W4996 and S3146
Hickman, James Captain
Hickman, Joel
Hickman, Thomas
Hice, Conrad, W4453, 06Oct1851, Franklin Co TN, dependent’s support claim, wit: Margaret Wilhite in Dade Co GA gave detailed testimony. download w4453 deposition
Hice, Jacob, R5045, 12Jan1853, dependent Henry Hice, Marion Co TN, Conrad, George, Jacob, and Leaonard Hice, four brothers were in the war together. Washington Co Survey Book places a George and a Jacob in the area which Leonard mentions for his service.
Page 115 – John Kirk…300 ac on both sides of Bakers Creek, branch of Holstein River…Commissioners Certificate…Beginning corner to Jacob Hice survey…corner between Hice & Kirk…on George Hice line…James Thompsons corner to his old survey…corner to Philip Grivers survey…Beaties corner & Kirks former corner…February 11, 1783 – John Kirk…300 ac on the Middle Fork of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772…September 1, 1781
Hise, Leonard, S8713, (Hice, brother of Conrad), 25Jul1833, age 77, Burke Co NC, Capt Dysart’s Co, Col Campbell to BKM wounded. To Dr. Frederick Fisher’s near Salisbury for two years. download S8713 deposition
Hicks, John, (w), under Col Williams SC AA3586
Hicks, Miles, W758, 12Mar1833, age 69, Fanklin Co NC, en route when BKM fought.
Hicks, William, Captain
Higdon, Daniel, W25769, 04Dec1839, age 84, Muscogee Co GA. Col Williams to BKM.
Higgenbottom, Robert
Higgins, Johm
Higgins, Philemon (per R2420) Ensign under Col Arthur Campbell 1776
Hignight, James V s16153
footman under Capt Richard Allen who had a horse and went forward. Hignight stayed at Cow Pens.
Hill, Abram, S15890, 14Oct1834, age 75, Ray Co MO. Not BKM but Boyds Creek.
Hill, David, R11867, 28May1855, age 87, Coffee Co TN, widow Polly. Under Col Cunningham, was approaching BKM when it was fought.
Hill James, W3815, 31Oct1832, age 73, Lincoln Co NC. Lt under Col Wm Graham at BKM. Wit: Abraham Forney W3976, Samuel Espey (Espy) S6824, Adam Stroup S7628
Hill, James download Bowen’s men roster
Sgt James Hill certified Bowen’s ration list. He received 12 lb tobacco per day as sgt while privates received 10 lb. He was wounded in the battle.
Hill, Thomas, W663, 18Mar1833, age 72, Cape Giradeau MO, Lincoln Co, Capt Isacc White, Col Graham, to BKM.
Hill, William, Colonel (in command of Sumpter’s force) SCX1 was wounded at Hanging Rock Jul1780 and Col Hawthorne led his troops in the battle download Wm Hill memoir letter
William Hill find a grave
Hillan, James, per Summers’ History of SW Virginia p 514
Hillen, George, S7006, 15Mar1834, age 72, Warren Co KY, Capt Abraham DeMoss, Col Cleveland, to BKM. To Moravian Towns with prisoners.
Hillian, James
Hillian, John
Hobbs, Ezakiel, W8940, 06Oct1830 age 70+, Washington Co VA. Col Campbell to BKM, got sick and left behind.
Hobbs, Job, S32328, 28Feb1869, age 100, Madison Co AR. brothers Absolom and Ezekiel. Knew all the Washington Co VA neighbors.
Page 309 – Thomas Hobbs, assignee of Joel & Joab Hobbs & c – 150 ac – treasury warrant 50 ac by warrant #13221 dated August 3, 1782 and 100 ac by warrant #1247 dated December 29, 1780 – on both sides of Mokison Creek and joining the lines of the place he now lives on – corner to Christopher Huston – March 9, 1786
Page 437 – Ezekiel Hobbs – 29 ac – treasury warrant #10179 dated December 22, 1791 – on the south side of the land he now lives on – corner to Chiles land – April 26, 1795
download s32328 deposition
Hobbs Thomas V
Hodge, George, W4234, –Oct1832, age 72, Burke Co NC, Capt Woods, Col Chas McDowell not at battle, wound from Ramsour’s not healed, stayed with horses at BKM.
Hodge, John, S21825, 11Oct1832, age 70, Union District, BKM as calendar pointer
Hoffman, Jacob
Hoffman, John
Hofner, Nicholas
Hofstaller, Goerge, S15176, 07Sep1883, age 79, Blount Co AL, from Lincoln Co NC, Capt Isaac White, Col Grimes (?), to BKM. Mistress dead beside Ferguson. The Tories were marched from King’s Mountain to Moravian Town and there raw corn was thrown to them like feeding hogs and this Deponent was informed several were hung. Wit: Abraham Forney W3976
Hogan, David, r5101, 13Dec1851, age 92, Lawrence Co OH. Capt Edmondson, Col Cleveland, sub for William Goldsbury of Burke Co. Winter 1779 across river by small town in VA. Howfields, to Camden, To BKM. Campbell took the Brits north, Cleveland took the tories into interior NC, near to Camden (?). That Benjamin Williams, William Jerrell, Henry Sumpter and Abram Southards were in the same mess with this affiant. That it is his impression and belief that Thomas Step & Robert Weatherford were at the time of their deaths in receipt of a pension.
Holand, Leonard
Holdway, Timothy
Holeman, Daniel
Holeman, Joseph
Holland, Charles, S7027, 13Oct1832, age 74, Tuscaloosa Co AL. Ninety Six District, Capt McCall, about 40 went to NC mtns, BKM no details. Wit: Thomas Lofton S17114. Wit: Jacob Holland of Tuscaloosa FPA S10866.
Holland, Isaac Sr.
Hollingsworth, Benjamin, under Col Williams, Major Young. Draper’s Heroes.
Hollis, John, Captain, S21827, 10Oct1830, age 80, Fairfield District, Wit: Elijah Hollis, brother, under Col Lacey
Hollis, William, S10845, 12Feb1833, age 85, Augusta Co AL, Winnsboro under Captain Charles Lewis, Col Lacey, maybe BKM. Cow Pens to KM to Orangeburg
Holloway, Benjamin
Holloway, Charles
Holloway, John
Holman, Isaac, W4235, 20May1834, age 77, Clark Co IN, From Rowan Co NC, guarded BKM prisoners at Salisbury.
Holmes, James
Holyfield, Valentine, W19822, 06May1841, widow Susanna, Surry Co NC, Wit: Elihu Ayers R335, under Capt Underwood to BKM and prisoners to Bethabara. But Ayers was wrong in his own deposition which he amended.
Hood, John
Hood, Thomas, S4379, 21Aug1832, age 74, White Co TN, Capt John Cleveland, son of Col Benjamin, mixed Burke and Wiles Co to BKM
Hooker, William, W10119, 20Jun1836, widow Jerusia, Stokes Co NC, Under Major Joseph Winston, Capt. Smith, lived near Capt. Cloud in the rear, to BKM, horse killed. Prisoners to Old Moravian Town on Tory horse. Wit: Brother of Jerusia, John Lawson, Lweis Wolf, Benj Jones, widow of Jerusia’s brother Moses Lawson
Hopper, THomas, R5222, lived on Kings Creek near Kings Mountain, not in BKM.
Hortenstine, Abraham
Horton, Abraham, (Surry Co, Captain Cox, Shelby, d Dec 1841, Lawrence Co AL, Widow Aditha ) download w7778 deposition
Horton, Daniel, S1834, 31Sep1833, age 80, Washington Co TN, In Burke Co, Capt Joel Lewis, Col Cleveland, to BKM out of order after Cowpens, discharge from Lewis at BKM?
Horton, Henry
Horton, John, W367, 24Apr1833, age 69, Greene Co TN. From Wilkes, Capt Joel Lewis, Col CLeveland. Joined Vols at Cane Creek at Catawba River. to BKM.
Horton, Joshua ( ?)
Horton, Zephaniah
Hoskins, Ninnam, Captain
Hotchkiss, Jared
Houghton, Thomas
Houser, George, W10118, 28Feb1838, Stokes Co NC, widow Magdalena, George was LT under Capt Harry Smith under Col Joseph Williams, Prisoners to Moravian Town, not at BKM.
Houser, John, W9650, widow Hannah, Stokes Co, guarded BKM prisoners, maybe brother of George?
Housley, Robert
Houston, James, Ensign, S1914, 10Aug1832, age 75, Blount Co TN, Ensign under Capt Edmondson, Col Campbell, to BKM. Lt Patrick Campbell on return after Edmondsons killed. Wit: Davis Hart a Clergyman, Jacob F. Forte, Jesse Wallace, Alexander
Houston, James, Capt in Gates Remnant wounded at BKM. r7046 by pvt Wm Maxwell. peek at r7046
Houston, John, Col Campbell, Capt Russell, per Campbell-Preston papers, Summers
McNutt, Robert Houston, Andrew Early. Clergyman Isaac Anderson, Jesse Thompson, Andrew Cowan, P. H. Fitzgerald & Samuel Gold. Clerk Jacob Foute, Judge Edward Scott.
Houston, Samuel, W3810, 06May1833, age 71, Fayette Co GA, Capt John Cunningham residual from Gen Sumter, Col Lacey and Williams, Col Graham.
Houston, Samuel, S12895, Lt under Maj Winston, Capt Minor Smith
Houston, William
Howard, William
Howe, David, S13422, 03Dec1832, age 85, Fleming Co KY. Capt Hawthorne, redual of Gen Sumter to BKM.
Howe, John W, W8938, 03Jun1833, age 80, Greenup Co KY. Not BKM.
Hubbard, James
Hudgens, Ambrose, R5321, 22May1847, widow Hannah, Newberry District. said Ambrose at BKM.
Hudgins, John, R7515, 24Jun1845, Habersham Co GA, widow Martha said BKM
Hudson, Hall, R5331, 19Sep1833, age 80, Lincoln Co TN. At Moravian Towns, Capt Joseph Cloud, volunteered under Campbell and Shelby. To BKM back to Moravian Towns, disch by Shelby and Campbell. Clerk of Giles Co signed.
Hudson, John
Hutson, George S3516 with Samuel Weaver brother in law
Hufacre, George
Hughes, David
Hughes, Francis, S3075, 21Jul1833, age 74, Greene Co TN, From Nolichucky, Col Sevier to BKM.
Hughes, Joseph, Lieutenant, S31764,20Sep1832, age 71, Greene Co AL, Lt under Col Clarke of Ga at BKM. Wit: Samuel Otterson S25344 Henry Story S32537. peek at s31764 deposition
Hughes, Peter, W7823, 29Aug1832, age 70, Sullivan Co TN, Capt Craig of Col Campbell’s Regt, joined McDowell at Gap Creek (Carter Co) to BKM about 800 prisoner. He escorted to Salisbury. Then with Sevier to Boyds Creek.
Hughes, Thomas
Hughey, George, S21306, 02Sep1834, age 76, Spartanburg District, Capt James Withrow
Hughlett, William Thrift, W4996, 25Oct1852, age 62, Jackson Co TN. Dependent benefits. (Hewlett) Captain in Surry Co. Wit: CHarles Banner, William Speer under brother Henry Speer Captain of another company beside Hewlett. Maybe just guarded prisoners after BKM.
Humphreys, William Sr. W4000, 03Jan1846, Cleveland Co NC, widow, Quartermaster, Gen James Williams at BKM.
Hundley, Samuel
Hunt, Abraham, S15471, 24Sep1833, age 71, Wayne Co KY. From Wilkes, Capt Samuel Johnson, Col Cleveland. About 20 of us guarded Cherokee Ford of Broad River. After BKM, prisoners to Moravian Town.
Hunt, Elsi, S7054, 09Oct1832, age 74, Greenville District, From Bedford Co VA. Guarded Chiswell lead mines. Guarded surveyors on NC-VA line under Col Williams. Capt George Russell, Maj Tipton Col Sevier to BKM. Then Battle of Boyds Creek under Capt Bradney.
Wit: Joel Callahan at Boyds Creek.
Hunt, Howell, R5396, 03Jun1852, Wilkes Co, widow Nancy said BKM.
Hunt, John CC
Hunter, Dempsey, R5399, 07Nov1843, widow Catarine, Montgomery Co TN said BKM
Hunter, Thomas, S4411, 03Apr1833, age 70, Robertson Co TN, Capt Valentine Sevier, to BKM footman in reserve. Others went to Salisbury with prisoners. He went home.
Hutson, George
Hyce (see Hice)
Hyden, William
Hyder, Michael
Ingle, John
Inglis, Michael
Ingram, Jeremiah
Ingram, John, R5483, 05Mar1847, Cherokee Co GA, widow Ruth thinks BKM.
Inman, Abednego (w) Major
Inman, Shadrack
Ireland, Hans
Isaac, Samuel
Isbell, Francis*
Isbell, Godfrey, Captain
Isbell, Henry ( ? )
Isbell, James, W7863, 27May1833, age 73, Warren Co KY, Wilkes Co, Capts. Guess and T Isbell, Col Cleveland.
Isbell, Livingston*
Isbell, Pendleton, Captain, SC per Moss
Isbell, Thomas, Captain*
Isbell, William Thompkins*
Isbell, Zachery, Lieutenant
(*Isbells said to have fought at BKM under Sevier. Ref: White: KMM, p. 192 Also Rev. War Soldiers who are buried in TN p. 90)
Ivy, Henry
Jack, James, Captain
Jack, Jerimiah
Jack, Patrick (?)
Jackson, Churchwell, S4432, 11Apr1833, age 75, Marion Co TN, From Burke Capt Captain Robert Smith, Lieutenant John Hardin and the Ensign Philip Hogan, Col Joseph McDowell, to BKM a day after, guarded prisoners to Moravian Town.
Jackson, James, S38077, 25Nov1833, age 76, Pike Co KY, From Burke Co. At a Fort on Swannanoa Creek of French Broad. Men taken to go to BKM, but he stayed home.
Jackson, Mark, S1675, 20Sep1832, age 90, Maury Co TN, not at BKM
Jackson, Samuel, W5004, 15Mar1833, age 74, Stokes Co NC. Capt Joseph Cloud, guarded BKM prisoners at Bethabara Old Moravian Town.
Jackson, William, Captain, Draper’s Heroes
James, John
James, Joseph Rogers, S32340, 07Jun1832, age 80, Owen Co IN. From Burke Co, Captain Hardin. Col McDowell. In right wing at BKM. Wounded in both legs, but still able to ride. That they were marched to the plantation of one Felix Walker on Little Broad River near the mouth of King’s Creek where one Racd Sharp and many others of the Tories who had been taken prisoners were hanged. That Sharp and others who were hung lived prior to that time in the neighborhood of this applicant, but had fled from their said pursuit when on one of their Tory chases aforesaid. From this place they were march[ed] back to Morgantown and from thence to the Moravian towns where the company of this applicant returned home again. Wit: Joseph Skidmore.
James, Marlin
James, Rolling
Jameson, John, S4427, 19Nov1832, age 69, Barren Co KY, BKM as calendar pointer.
Jamison, John, Lieutenant
Jameson, John Lieutenant, V
Jamison, Robert
Jamison, Samuel
Jamison, Thomas
Jarnigan, George
Jefferies, Jean
Jefferies, John, S10855, Gilkeys Creek, Union District, not BKM in deposition. Moss says BKM
Jefferies, Nathan
Jefferies, Nathaniel
Jefferies, Phillip
Jeffers, Berry, SC, W10145 does not mention BKM, but Moss does. Free Black?
Jenkins, Jacob
Jenkins, James
Jenkins, Thomas
Jenkins, William
Jennings, David
Jernigan, George, Lieutenant
Jernigan, Thomas
Jernigan, William
Jewell, William, S1837, 17Oct1832, age 75, Davidson Co TN, Capt Jonathan Camp, Col Charles McDowell, to BKM “signal defeat” of Tories. Prisoners to Moravian Town.
Johnson, Alexander, R15508, 09Sep1854, Ashe Co NC, Franky, daughter of John Gambill, widow of Alex Johnson, under Capt Nall and Martin Gambill. She in Wilkes, he on other side of Blue Ridge. William Hammons a Baptist Minister. She states that the banns of matrimony had been a regularly published.
Johnson, Arthur, W10152, 11Jun1818, age 61, Gibson Co IN, BKM, Capt Woodson
Johnson, Barnett
Johnson, George Sr.
Johnson, James, W9088, 23Jul1846, Widow Mary, Chester District, Lt, Capt, and Adj under Col Lacey. Some called him Major.
Johnson, James, Capt, Graham Draper’s Heroes Lincoln Co NC Wounded by Tory Capt Moore, Called Johnston in Draper’s Heroes.
Johnson, John M R5666, 30Dec 1856, widow Tabitha, Hancock Co AL. From Greene Co TN. Col Sevier.
Johnson, John, Captain, 27Apr1846, age 84, Pickens Co AL, Wilkes CH, Lt Garrett Smithey, Capt Abram De Moss, Col Benjamin Cleveland. Left to guard about 20 sick soldiers on the other side of Broad River, then crossed at Cherokee Ford, met the flag of American victory at BKM. To Wilkes CH then Moravian Town. Wit: Andrew Carnahan, Rutherford Co TN, John McCrory.
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Samuel, Captain W5012, 02May1854, widow Mary. Capt Samuel Johnson served under his uncle Col Benjamin Cleveland. Wounded at BKM. Shot in abdomen. Empty bowels saved him from infection.
Johnson, Thos.
Johnson, William, S8764, 31Oct1832, age 81, Wilkes Co, Rendezvous at Wilkes CH, Capt Lenoir, Col Cleveland to BKM. Foot Soldier, Brother Samuel wounded. Took him home. download s8764 deposition
Johnson, William, Lincoln Co per WL Anderson
Johnston, John, w7942, 13Han1841, Maury Co TN, widow Martha heard BKM, Sgt under Capt Moffett of York District
Johnston, Joseph, W5033, 06Nov1832, age 79, Randolph Co NC. BKM as calendar pointer.
Johnston, Martin, W436, 20Jun1818, Clarke Co KY. age 61. years later wit said BKM for widow. Clergy brother George Johnston stated that in 1779 after Martin’s 2 years, he was drafted again. George paid a substitute for Martin $1000 continental money.
Johnston, William, Captain, under Graham, R Jones p414 but not in footnoted Draper pgs. Footnotes 12-13? not in text. S18067 another Wm Johnston not BKM.
Jolly, Benjamin, s31764, Captain under Col Brandon. Joseph Hughes wit, alsw W10 Samuel Hand
Jones, Benjamin, R5746, 21Jul1852, Grundy Co TN, Widow Susannah, Lt under Capt George Taylor and Capt John Turner, Benj Jones lived in Burke Co at home of Browning, bought a horse from Browning and entered militia. Wit: Browning’s sons Martin and John.
Jones, Benjamin, S7076, 12Dec1832, age 79, Stokes Co NC, Capt Minor Smith, to Olde Richmond, then Surry CH, then thru Wilkes to Crider’s Fort, then to Cherokke FOrd of Broad River, to BKM. Wit: Lewis Wolff W4403.
Jones Daniel, S1915, 29Aug1832, age 75, Hawkins Co TN. Picked up BKM prisoners at Salem, to Hillsborough. d. 27Jal1841, Knoxville.
Jones, Darling, W7922, 22Jul1834, age 70, Carter Co KY. BKM as calendar pointer.
Jones, Darling (one of several credited with shooting Col. Ferguson?) Tennessee Records: Tombstone Inscriptions and Manuscripts
Jones, Freeman, W7900, 01Jul1833, age 69, Pickens Co AL. Capt Whitesides, Major Singleton, Col McDowell. Captured by Tories. Prisoner at BKM. Freed by the Vols.
Jones, Gabriel, S36652, 17Oct1820 age 90, Floyd Co KY. Surry Co NC Capt McDowell, Col John Armstrong. BKM (?)
Jones, Henry DB
Jones, James
Jones, John, R5719, 18May1855, age 94, Washington Co TN. Surry CH. Captain John Martin. Joined Sevier to BKM. Then prisoners to Camden.
Jones, John, W373, 12Sep1832, age 73, Marion Co TN. Burke Co, Capt Whitesides, Major Singleton, captured by tories to Kings Mtn. After BKM, taken to Moravian Town by Col Campbell. Col Andrew Hampton verified hima Whig and he was released..
Jones, Joseph, S2652, 22Aug1832, age 73, Giles Co TN. Burke Co. Capt Joseph McDowell, Col Charles McDowell. BKM.
Jones, Joshua (w)
Jons, Thomas, R5735, 01Sep1845, Bartholemew Co IN. widow Polly from Charlotte Co VA said Thomas was in NC militia at BKM.
Jones, Wm
Jordan, James, S32346, 13May1833, age 73, Morgan Co IL. Camden District, Capt John Moffitt. BKM.
Judd, John, Draper, held horses
Judd, Rowland Sr.
Judd, Rowland Jr., Draper
Kanselar, John, SC, Capt Polk per Moss.
Karr, Mathew
Karr, Robert
Keele, Richard S1977, age 74, Bedford Co, resident of Rutherford, Capt Samuel Williams, Col Sevier. illiterat
Keeps, James
Keeton, Hezekiah
Kell, Robert, S32355, 11Dec1833, age 79, Rabun Co GA. Capt McMullen, Col Williams to BKM. Col Campbell ordered his company back to guard prisoners to Moravian Town.
Keller, DeVault, S32358, 16May1834, age 85, Morgan Co IN. From Saluda River militia, Capt John Walters, Col Beard. Wounded by musket ball. Lost left arm. b Germany 1749. illiterate peek at FPA s32358 deposition
Kelley, William
Kelly, Jacob, R5843, dependent Jasper Co MS. Simon Awtry killed BKM or near. Kelly under Col Clarke, siege of Augusta then toward BKM.
Kelly, John CC
Kelly, John, R5845, 09Jul1851, dependent Hampton Kelly, Richland District. Father John in Capt Jacob Barnett Company, Col Hampton Rgt at BKM. d 19Jan1842. “had plenty [to] do him his lifetime.” Wit: THeophilus Wilson said father and three brothers in service.
Kelly, Peter, S32352, 10Oct1832, age 82, Wilcox Co AL. Col Williams, but not BKM
Kelso, Alexander (Captain George Maxwell, Isaac Shelby) w9493, 01Nov1832, age 75, Morgan Co IN. details to BKM download w9493 deposition
Kelso, Samuel, R5853, 06Feb 1854, Hall Co GA, dependent. At BKM. Paybill Col Thomas Brandon. Capt Matthew Patton. wounded Cowpens?
Kemp, Jonathan (see Jonathan Camp)
Kendred, Thomas
Kendrick, Benjamin
Kendrick, John
Kendrick, Samuel
Kendricks, Solomon
Kennedy, Daniel
Kennedy, John CC
Kennedy, Moses
Kennedy, Robert, DB, Col Campbell, Capt David Beattie
Kennedy, Thomas, S31185, 20Aug1832, age 70, Garrard Co KY, Capt under Col Charles McDowell.
Kennedy, William CC
Kennedy, William, S2695, 23Oct1832, age 72, Lauderdale Co AL (from Wayne Co TN). Capt Joseph Hughes Col Thomas Brandon.
Kerby, Christopher, S32356,19Dec1834, age 75, Washington Co AR Territory. Major Winston, Capt Sheppaard, was ensign.
download S32356 deposition
Kerby, Henry
Kerr, Adam
Kerr, David, R5890, 08Jun1833, age 76, Abbeville District. Capt McCall, Col McDowell, to BKM wounded.
download r5890 deposition
Kerr, Joseph, S4469, 04Sep1832, age 72, White Co TN. Spy for Col McDowell. peek at S4469 interesting DD214 spt at Quinn’s place
Kerr, William, R5891, 07Aub1832, age 73, Bradley Co TN, Capt John Thompson, Col John Moffett. Stopped in earshot of BKM. Captured 14 tories escaping from BKM next day.
Keys, James DB, S15907, 24Dec1833, age 78, Washington Co VA. 1st Sgt for David Beaty. BKM, guard to Moravian towns.
Keys, John, Captain
Keys, Mathew
Kidd, John
Kilgore, Charles (w) Col Campbell, Capt Dysart, Draper
Kilgore, Hiram
Kilgore, James
Kilgore, Robert (w)
Kilgore, William
Kilpatrick, J.C. A Tryon refugee to Watauga with Capt. James Miller.
Kincaid, John, W12029, 30Apr1833, age 83 Lincoln Co NC. Captain under Col Graham to BKM
Kincannon, Andrew CC, Col Campbell
Kincannon, George, Col Shelby, took command for downed captain
Kincannon, James CC
Kincannon, Mathew
Kindle, William
King, Andrew
King, James, S4477, 14Aug1833, age 76, Henderson Co TN, From Sullivan Co TN Capt Gilbert Christian, George Maxwell, Col Evan (?) Shelby to BKM. Maybe Boyds Creek.
King, John, S5553, 15Sep1829, 69, Montgomery Co VA, not BKM
King, Peter, W7981, 20May1837, Smith Co TN, widow Jane, Patrick Fergusson one of the acting Justices. Wit: James Davis said BKM.
King, Robert
King, Thomas S31795, 18Sep1832, age 70, Putnam Co GA, BKM as calendar marker
Cole, Walter King, R13238, not BKM
King, William, S21335, 20Aug1832, age 82, Sullivan Co TN, BKM as calendar pointer
Kinkead, John
Kirkwood, David, W29916, 10Oct age92, Champaign Co OH, Said BKM (?) illiterate
Kitchen, John
Knight, John, R6026, 17Apr1837, age 90, Laurens District, said BKM ?
Knox, Benjamin
Knox, Hugh, W10189, lived near Kings Mtn, chased Indians across Broad River when Ferguson was there
Knox, James
Knox, Robert, S8803, 11Oct1832, age 90, Lincoln Co NC. BKM as calendar pointer
Knox, Robert, W26190, KM as Geo pointer
Knox, Samuel
Kreger, George, W3696, 12Sep1832, age 73, Stokes Co NC, Capt Pinckley, guardof Prisoners to Moravian Town
Kuykendall, Benjamin
Kuykendall, Joseph
Kuykendall, Mathew, S30518, 12Nov1832, age 74, Butler Co KY, Burke Co, Capt Joseph McDowell, Col McDowell said he was going to see Gov Rutherford and there would be no fighting until he returned. Missed BKM.
Kuykendall, Simon
Kyle, Robert, Captain
Lacey, Edward, Colonel (Commanded the Sumpter force during battle)
Lafoy, James, S10971 26May1833, age 75, Washington Co AL, Surry Co, elected William Sheppard Captain. Col Cleveland. to BKM. Born Bordeaux France.
Laird, David
Laird, James, (k) Ensign under Col Campbell
Laird, Robert, S32369, 11Feb 1833, age 90, Clarke Co GA, Ninety Six District militia captain not at BKM.
Lamme, Samuel, R6103 from Augusta Co VA, but no evidence and rejected
Landrum, James
Landrum, Thomas
Lane, Aquilla
Lane, Charles
Lane, Isaac, Lieutenant R6137 06Sep1832, age 72, McMinn Co TN, Lt under Capt George Russell, Col Sevier. Buffalo Creek of Watauga to BKM. Maj Winston 500 footmen reached battle that night. Hung Col Ambrose Mills at Captain Walkers across Broad River. About 700 prisoners. DD214 download r6137 deposition
Lane, James
Lane, Jesse
Lane, John
Lane, Richard
Lane, Samuel
Lane, Tidence
Lane, William
Lankford, Benjamin
Lankford, John
Lannim, Joseph
Large, Joseph
Large, Thomas, R6164, 21May1851, age 98, Lawrence Co KY, Millie Large, widow. Gen Sumter, she said BKM,
Large, William, R6165, 05Mar1851, Nancy Large, Lawrence Co KY, same story as Milie.
Larrimore, Hugh
Lathan, John
Latman, Joseph
Laughlin, Thomas, W9112, 21Oct1833, age 70, Whitley Co KY, Capt John Pemberton, Col Shelby, to BKM. Then Boyds Creek.
Law, David
Lawrence, Claborne, R6196, 12Apr1845, widow Mary, Morgan Co GA, Surry Co to BKM
Lawrence, Isaac, S32373, 11Nov1846, age 84, Boone Co IN, BKM not
Lawson, John
Lawson, Moses, W5019, 24Aug1844, widow Capt Cloud’s Co to BKM. wit: Lewis Wo;ff and Jacob Hilsispeck
Lawson, William
Laxton, Levi, 13 year old sword bearer for Col. Cleveland
Lay, Thomas
Layman John, R144874-55, 02May1855, widow Nancy, Hamilton Co TN, Wit: Thomas Gann said BKM under Sevier or Shelby Capt Henley S3388
Ledbetter, George, Captain under Col Hampton, Draper
Lee, Abner, R6257, 02Feb1846, age 86, Jackson Co TN, Major Edmondson, Capt McCulloch, Col Campbell. McCulloch accidentally shot while ascending.
Lee, James
Leeper, James, Lieutenant, S31819, 09Dec1833, age 72, Washington Co, AR Territory, Not BKM
Leeper, Matthew, W26205, 01Jun1846, age 91, Lincoln Co NC. Capt White, Col Graham to BKM.
Leeper, Samuel
Leffy (Lefty, Lufcey, Lovsey), Shadrack
Lengley, William
Lenoir, William, Captain (w) S7137, 01May1833, age 82, Wilkes Co NC. Lt under Capt Herndon, then Capt under Col Cleveland. Into Burke, rumors of 100 tories, while there joined Vols into Rutherford Co. Only two reg soldiers. About 700 good horsemen, 1500 footmen. KIA 250 Brits, 32 Whigs. 937 prisoners. 725 prisoners able bodied to footmen. Officers and wounded not in 725. 32 tories convicte, 9 hung, other impaled. Prisoners to Moravian Town in Stokes Co. download S7137 deposition
Leonard, Frederick
Leonard, George
Leonard, Henry
Leonard, Robert
Lesley, Thomas
Lewallen, Michael
Lewis, Aron, Captain
Lewis, Charles
Lewis, David of Spartanburg (Genealogy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)(Genealogy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Lewis, James, w7511, 16Jun1843, age 87, Franklin Co TN. From Albemarle Co VA, same neighborhood as Joel Lewis. Not BKM
Lewis, James Martin, Lieutenant (w) Col Cleveland W7511 one of three wounded brothers Dr Dobson
Lewis, Joel, Captain (w), W780, age 74, Lauderdale Co TN, widow Miriam, Dr Dobson
Lewis, Joel of Spartanburg (Genealogy of the Lewis Family by Wm Terrell Lewis)
Lewis, John
Lewis, Micajah, Major (w) Col Cleveland, several soldiers mentioned his wound Dr Dobson
Lewis, Thomas, S7139, 06Oct1832, age 80, Henderson Co NC, From Wilkes Co Criders Fort under Capt Henderson., Vols Came. Col Cleveland came w/400. 700 prisoners came back from BKM where he escorted to Moravian Town under Capt Jackson. claimed 7 years service. Pension 7 mo + 25 days
Lewis, William Terrill, Wilkes County witness for Thomas Biecknell’s widow
Liddell, William, W3835, Dec1832, age 70, Gwinnett Co GA, Capt McCall, Col Elijah Clarke, at Nolichucky when heard of BKM. $50/yr
Lienniger, Conrad
Light, John, S4549, 27May1834, age 67, Hawkins Co TN, Lt John Wheeler, Capt Benjamin Clark, Col Shelby. Fottman. met at Bundy’s Mill (Dunby’s/Dungings?) to near BKM. Guarded prisoners part way back.
Liles, David
Limonton, Robert
Lindsay, James, Fergy’s prisoner with three Patterson boys freed by BKM
Lindsay, John
Linn, Andrew
Linn, Daniel
Linn, William
Litton, Catel
Litton, John
Litton, Solomon, Lieutenant
Liture, Harmon
Livingston, David
Livingston, John, R6393, Col Cleveland per children
Lochridge, James, W472, Dec1832, age 75, Maury Co TN, From Abbeville District. Spy, escaped with a few others from Tories and joined Whigs just before BKM and stayed through the battle. W472 peek
Lofton, Andrew, S17114
Lofton, Thomas, S17114, 10Dec1832, age 71, Pickens Co AL. Under Hawthorn and Lacey. Elected Captain of Barber’s Co. Brother Andrew left. s17114 peek
Logan, Drury, W5464, 10Dec1832, age 70, Rutherford Co NC, in custody of Tories at BKM. Released by Vols.
Logan, James, Col Campbell, Capt McCullough, Summers
Logan, Joseph, R6413, 06Oct1834, age 77, Morgan CO KY. Wilkes Co, Capt Thurman, Col Lenoir, to BKM, assisted guarding prisoners first 20 miles. then home.
Logan, Joseph, NC Patriots by J.D. Lewis p594, private under Captain John Mattocks and Lt Col Hambright
Logan, William, Lincoln Co s18955 Graham, Beattie
Loggins, John, R6414, –Apr1834, age 100, Hall Co GA. Capt Cloud to BKM.
Long, David, W2, 12Sep1832, age 74, Maury Co TN. From Rowan Co, Capt Simmons, to BKM.
Long, John CC Draper’s Heroes
Long, Nicholas
Long, Richard
Long, Robert
Long, William
Looney, David, Captain
Looney, Moses, Lieutenant
Looney, Robert
Looney, John
Love, Andrew, Colonel
Love, Charles, R6466, 24Oct1843, age 78, Beaufort District, At age 15 in Mecklenburg Co joined Capt Magrath, Col Davidson to BKM. 24Feb1845, age 79,
Love, Hezekiah, 12Mar1832, Roane Co TN, kk White p132
Love, John s8822 30Oct1832, age 71, Wilkes Co, under Capt Benjamin Hearnden, Col Cleveland footman, guarded prinsers to Moravian Town download s8822 deposition
Love, Robert
Love, William, Lieutenant, W956, 05Sep1839, widow Rachel, Smith Co TN. said BKM.
Lovel, William, R6476, 02Apr1838, age 79, Jackson Co TN, BKM as calaendar pointer
Lovelace, Vachel, W9144, 16May1833, age 75, Graves Co KY, Ferguson’s defeat as calendar pointer
Lovelady, Thomas, W8065, 08Jan1833, age 83, Russell Co VA, Capt William Edmiston, Maj Dysart (Dasey), Col Campbell, across Blue Ridge, joined Col Cleveland, to BKM 400 killed, 1200 prisoners, prisoners to Wilkes CH.
Loving, Christopher, S38153, 08Oct1819, age 56, Nelson Co VA, Col Lacey, Lt Col McGriff, to BKM.
Lowe, William, S13795, 24Jul1832, age 77, Warren Co KY, From Surry Co, Capt Minro Smith, Lt Richard Vernon, Major Winston, Capt Guess, Col Cleveland, rendezvous at Moravian Town, en route to Cowpens, merge with Vols, to BKM. William Hanna and Lt Varnil mortally wounded. peek at s13795 FPA
Lowery, William
Lowry, David DB B8 Col Campbell, Capt David Beattie
Lowry, John, Lieutenant CC per Beulah Henry Anderson, 1974 book about the Montgomery clan. Ensign per Lewis Preston Summers.
Lowrance, Jacob
Loyd, -John
Lumsden, CHarles W8067, 01Oct1832, age 71, Franklin Co VA. From Henry Co, Capt Isaac Thomas, Col Arthur Campbell, Boyds Creek. Not BKM
Lucas, Isaac, Captain
Lucas, Joseph, Captain
Lucas, Robert, Captain
Lusk, Hugh
Lusk, Joseph, Captain
Lusk, Samuel, W8092, 20dec1850, Amite Co MS, Elizabeth Lusk Widow. Pvt under Capt Samuel Woods, Col John McDowell to BKM.
Lusk, William, (k)
Lutz, Jacob
Lyle, Henry
Lyle, Samuel
Lyman, Jacob
Lynn, Adam
Lynn, David
Lyon, Humberson, (Jr?) Ensign under Col Campbell, Capt Edmondson (k)
18Sep1782, claim in WC court 0/4/2 for venison
Page 48 – Humberson Lyon…370 ac…on both sides of the north fork of Holstein river…Commissioners Certificate…on the east bank of the river…on the north bank of the river and crossing the river below the mouth of Cedar Creek…running with Pikes lines…on John Simmons corner…April 24, 1783 – Humberson Lyon, assignee of Abraham Crabtree…400 ac…on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River, includes improvements…348 ac, surveyed for Lyon May 26, 1774…actual settlement made in 1772…August 27, 1781
Page 48 – Humberston Lyon…150 ac…on both sides of the north fork of Holstein River on the north side of his settlement survey…Treasury Warrant…Beginning corner to the settlement tract…under the Piney Mountain…on the south side of Laurell Knob…April 24, 1783…
Lyon, William
Lytle, Archibald
Lytle, Micajah
Lytle, Thomas, Captain, S8873, 22Oct1832, age 72, Burke Co NC. Col McDowell, arr BKM just after Battle. Saw Ferguson, he was left handed. Fort South of Davidsons Old Fort NC, wife Susannah confronted Ferguson
Lytle., William

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