Mortally wounded

The 1909 monuments lists mortally wounded:

Capt Robert Sevier
1st Lt Thomas McCullough
2nd Lt James Laird
Private Moses Henry

Moses Henry’s brother, John Henry, was also mortally wounded. Colonel Williams died the next day and was buried near Buffalo Creek instead of at the battlefield. James Hignight (s16153) recalled that a Captain Bell of Georgia was buried with Col. Williams.

Richard Vernon, John Rainey, William Hannah, Alexander Caldwell, and Ezekiel Berry were mortally wounded but not listed on the monument. The plaque on the monument lists Thomas Bicknell killed 07Oct1780, but he died 31Dec1780. The plaque shows Lt. James Corry as KIA. Sgt. (not Lt.) James Curry (nor Corry) actually died the day after the battle.

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