Casualty Plaques

The 1909 monument at the Kings Mountain battlefield names 66 patriots killed or wounded. Some of them are correct. Tory Lt. Anthony Allaire wrote that 135 patriots were killed and 150 (equal to ours) were wounded. Loyalist Doctor Uzal Johnson, who treated the wounded, made diary entries similar or identical to Allaire’s. William Davidson wrote that 20 patriots were killed. Colonel Campbell’s report said 28 patriots were killed and 66 were wounded. The actual counts are in a range between these numbers.

Some individual soldier virtual bronze plaques are at Personal plaques The group plaques below have some 1909 monument plaque entries removed or changed. Why? 1909 changes Some less conspicuous or ignored patriots lived to receive pensions over 50 years later. Though not on the national monument, some of them are among 1909 additions and appear below without the P in the first column.

The 1909 Obelisk Bronze Plaque entries are indicated with p in the first column.
D-Mortally wounded K-Killed on the battlefield W-Wounded
Commander, captain, and source of evidence are indicated where known.
Thanks to Will Graves, Leon Harris, and others, much source material is available at

The mortally wounded

1909  type  last  first  commander  capt  evidence
n d Berry Ezekiel McDowell Samuel Wood w8128
y d Bicknell Thomas Cleveland William Lenoir r12399
n d Caldwell Alexander Lacey Moffett R157
n d Hannah William Cleveland Minor Smith S13795
y d Henry Moses Graham Samuel Martin R4382
y d Laird James Campbell Craig Newell
n d Martin’s Company Graham Samuel Martin S9003
y d McCulloch  Thomas Campbell Edmondson Newell
n d Rainey John Georgia Pvt JD Bailey
n d Ridge William Cleveland Salathiel Martin W1044
y d Sevier Robert Sevier Draper 303
n d Vernon Richard Cleveland Joseph Phillips S13795
y d Watson William Lacey James Meek r2173
y d Williams James Williams Colonel WT Graves I
n D? Bell Captain Georgia S16153
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