Additions for the 1909 monument

Casualties of 07Oct1780 who were not named on the 1909 monument are added to this virtual bronze plaque.

A few are named in some sources as wounded in the Battle at Kings Mountain which we do not include lacking convincing evidence.

Allison, John: Katherine Keough White lists ” Captain Jack Allison” as a wounded veteran of Kings Mountain under Colonel Isaac Shelby.

Baker, Robert: Private under Captain James Dysart and Colonel William Campbell per FPA S16628 of 07May1833, Montgomery Co MO. Wounded in right thigh. Was recovered by December 1780 sufficiently to serve as sergeant in Col Arthur Campbell’s Boyds Creek expedition under Captain James Crabtree, Lt William Russell, Ensign John Baker.

Barnett, Jacob: In her 07Jan1845 Pickens District SC deposition R11508, Abarilla Wilbanks recalled several distinct details of her husband William Wilbanks’ service. One sworn detail was that Jacob Barnett was killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain under Col Thomas Brandon, perhaps Captain Moses White or Captain William Young.

Bell, Captain: In his pension declaration (FPA S16153), James Hignight, a foot soldier who arrived from Cowpens on 08Oct1780 after the battle, was with the wounded leaving Kings Mountain to Broad River. Hignight swore that Col James Williams and Captain Bell of Georgia were buried in the same grave at Pendleton’s old field. The owner of the farm was called Fondren and Waldron by other accounts. Draper called it the old Carruth place belonging to Captain Mintz (at the time of writing in 1881). By all accounts they were above the mouth of Buffalo Creek.

Benge, Obidiah: In his 22Feb1843 DeKalb Co AL deposition, FPA R743, 79 year old Obidiah Benge testified that Col Cleveland transferred him from Capt Sheppard’s company to the Burke Co unit under McDowell and White for the Kings Mountain expedition because his older brother was in Col Cleveland’s command. He was wounded in the right arm by a shot which lodged by the shoulder blade. He went to the home of a distant relative 4 miles from the battle to recover after three months, but was too crippled to serve again.

Benge, William Lewis*: Obidiah Benge was reputed to be an Indian or half Indian son of an Augusta County (when Wisconsin was partly in Augusta County) Virginia trader. Benge did not provide his family tree in his deposition other than clue that John Fielder was his Surry Co step father. According to Obidiah, his unnamed older brother was killed in the battle. Since Benge was a precinct captain of Surry County in the 1790 tax lists, we must give some respect to his credibility. A number of Benge descendants give different family trees. A DNA project tried to help sort it out. The selection of William Lewis Benge to be his brother is certainly subject to challenge. Perhaps a half brother, his real older brother could have a different name altogether.

Berry, Ezekiel: The 03Oct1832, White County TN sworn testimony of Enoch Berry in FPA W8128 gave some details of Captain Samuel Wood’s Burke County militia at the Battle of Kings Mountain. He stated without naming them, that his father was killed and that his brother was mortally wounded. Relying on published family research, the name Ezekiel is listed here.

Berry, William: Also from FPA W8128, William Berry is added to the plaque as KIA. Family records are substantiated by Burke County deed book 28, p91 that William Berry lived on Catawba River at Oneal Branch near Glen Alpine.

Caldwell, Alexander: In the 17Apr1833 deposition at Columbia, Maury County TN, 87 year old Hugh Allison swore that Caldwell was mortally wounded (FPA R157) at Kings Mountain. Allison was assigned on Sunday 08Oct1780 to take the wounded of his company to safety. Allison, like his compatriot James Potter Collins was under Col Moffitt and Major Hannah, but perhaps fell in with Frederick Hambright and William Chronicle for the battle.

Caswell County NC unnamed: On 10Feb1834 in Sullivan County, Indiana, Joseph Neely filed an application which became federal file S31879. He had been recruited in Caswell county by Col James Williams for the Kings Mountain expedition. Neely stated that he was wounded and escorted home by two attendants with another wounded soldier from the same county. If a named wounded man was that Caswell County soldier, it is not apparent in the records.

Coile, James: In FPA S31624, Coile (Coiel or Colel) stated that he was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Kings Mountain. Coile mentioned officers William Henderson and Wade Hampton in earlier service, among others. He was one of Sumter’s remnant who joined William Campbell’s brigade at Cowpens.

Conn, James: In his testimony in Russell County, Kentucky on 15Feb1834 (FPA S15386) James Conn stated that he was in Captain William Graham’s company which joined Colonel James Williams in the battle of Kings Mountain where he was crippled by rifle ball which entered at the right shoulder and broke several bones. Had he known, there were possible witnesses up or down the Cumberland River whose testimony he might have obtained.

Davis, Jonathan: On16Feb1839 in White County, Tennessee, 90 year old Hannah Davis, widow of Jonathan Davis testified in FPA R2722 that “Schoolmaster Jonathan Davis” of Rowan County, NC was killed at the Battle of Camden in October 1780. She and his mother had visited the battlefield looking for clues about his death and hoping to find his remains. Later she was prompted to correct her testimony. Her son Jonathan Davis Jr. testified that he had a letter from his father dated 05Oct1780 from Cowpens South Carolina. Rowan County was between militia centers which could have placed Davis with either James Williams of Sumter’s remnant or with McDowell’s Burke County militia.

Dobson, Joseph, Jr.: On 22Oct1832 in Burke County Court of Please and Quarter Sessions, 76 year old Joseph Dobson testified that he retreated to Watauga where he joined Sevier, Shelby, and Campbell for the trip to the battle of Kings Mountain where he took two gun shots. He was treated by a British Doctor and carried to the home of George Wilfong (near Hildebrand NC) for a few days. Wilfong sent his son as escort and loaned him a horse to go home. Up the Catawba River, Dobson’s father Dr. Dobson made the rounds to care for a dozen or two wounded patriots from the battle of Kings Mountain who were billeted in different Burke County homes.
-At the same court session, a Burke County grand jury received indictments [Edith Warren Huggins, Burke County, North Carolina Misc. Records, Vol. II (Easley SC: Southern Historical Press, reprint 1985), 151-152]. The courthouse was above Hunting Creek at current junction of US64-US70 east of Morganton. Rumors that the first Burke Courthouse was built in 1785 are false. That was perhaps the year for the first courthouse building at the Morganton town square.

Douglas, Jonathan: In Annals of Southwest Virginia, Lewis Preston Summers preserved many records from Old Fincastle County, Virginia and its offspring. Scattered papers and journals and the best equipment of the era in 1929, Summers left many known errors beyond the crude almost alphabetical order of his lists. Summers shows Douglas wounded at Kings Mountain. Perhaps Jonathan was one of those wounded whose name escaped Samuel Newell’s memory in his letter to Gov. David Campbell.

Fain, Ebenzer: On 11Mar1836 in Habersham County, Georgia, 73 year old Ebenezer Fain (FPA R3421) testified that he was among Colonel Elijah Clarke’s Georgia remnant who joined Captain Christopher Taylor under Colonel John Sevier on the Watauga. They went to Cowpens where they joined the “host of volunteers” who defeated Colonel Ferguson’s regiment. He was wounded in the battle at Kings Mountain.

Fields, John: In Patrick County, Virginia on 25Mar1850, 89 year old John Fields (FPA s8471) that under Captain John Smith of Surry County, he joined Colonel James Williams and went to the battle of Kings Mountain where he received three bayonet wounds. “No man, not withstanding he may have fought for liberty should apply to his
government for a support so long as he is able to support himself.”

Fowler, William: Lewis Preston Summers lists Ensign William Fowler as killed at Kings Mountain. On 15Apr1783, Washington County Virginia moved to continue the heirs of William Fowler among others of their militia whose pensions were continued. Some were from battles at Boyds Creek, Guilford Courthouse, or elsewhere. On the strength of Summers’ statement, though known to have errors (Summers called him William Flowers elsewhere), Fowler is listed herein.

Gambill, Martin: FPA w7504 In Ashe County NC on 09Jan1850, 90 year old Nancy Nall Gambill (Gambrill) widow of Martin Gambill testified that Martin was under Col Benjamin Cleveland at Kings Mountain where he was wounded in the left arm and considerably disabled. Her father William Nall was an old captain not always able to perform his militia duties and her husband filled in for him. John Toliver and others confirmed her testimony.

Gebie, John: Bobby Gilmer Moss found Gebie in the South Carolina Treasury Journals microfilm. John served under Lt. Alexander Faris and Col Edward Lacey when he was wounded at Kings Mountain.

Goforth, Miles: On 12Feb1833 in Lexington KY, (FPA R8973) 77 year old Isaac Roman of Jessamine County testified that in 1780 he hired Miles Goforth as his substitute under Col Campbell and that Goforth was wounded in the knee at the battle of Kings Mountain. Roman lived at Hungry Mother and was in Sgt McFarland and Captain Arthur Bowen’s home guard company. Because Roman’s neighbor Andrew Evans was in Captain Dysart’s company, we place Goforth there.

Grier, John<: FPA S1906 (aka Greer) On 18Sep1832 (?) in Carter County, TN, John Grier, aged 69, testified that in Sep1780 he substituted for John Sherrit (?) under Capt Jacob Brown, Lt Col Charles Robison, Col John Sevier. They went to Kings Mountain where he was wounded in the right knee cap. Later after the Battle at Boyds Creek Grier said “Captain Davis, my Captain was wounded. We made an effort to get him home, got him in the Greasy Cove in Washington County where he died.” Note: Boyds Creek, not Kings Mountain.

Hamilton, Charles: FPA R4512 On 28Mar1839, Hannah Henry Hamilton, age 85, testified in Wayne County, Kentucky (where BKM vet Samuel Newell was first county judge) she was the widow of Charles Hamilton of Lincoln County NC. She said that Charles was under Capt Malcolm Henry and Col Charles Barbour. The day after the battle, she went to Kings Mountain and within a mile found that Charles had been wounded and two of her brothers had been killed. Congressman Tunstall Quarles (of the other party when Newell championed the campaign of Whig congressman Micah Taul, but always a friend of Newell. Still can’t trust those Democrats) had Charles Hamilton’s pension application, but Charles died before Quarles returned from DC. Moses and Robert Henry were her brothers. Since Charles Barbour was not at Kings Mountain, he is shown under Captain Duff and Colonel Williams contrary to Hannah’s recollection. Malcolm Henry was at Kings Mountain but some of his witnesses were among the Carolina refugees who Joined the Vols of Col Campbell and returned across the Blue Ridge. Some of the Henry’s and Hamilton could have rejoined the splintered South Fork Boys and fought with Chronicle.

Hannah, William: FPA S13795 William Lowe in Warren County KY on 24Jul1832 testified that he was assigned by Col Cleveland to escort William Hannah to a doctor to treat his battle wounds from Kings Mountain. He stayed with him until he died. Lowe’s S13795 deposition has many details from BKM and other campaigns.

Henson, Robert: FPA R4902 (aka Hanson) On 17Mar1846 in Fauquier County Virginia, Robert Henson, age 95, swore that he was wounded by a ball in the leg at Kings Mountain and taken to a hospital ay Ninety Six to recover. Henson’s testimony of other engagements suggests that he was with the South Carolina refugees under Col Brandon though he did not say.

Hicks, John: Bobby Gilmer Moss found in the South Carolina Treasurer’s records that John Hicks was serving under Colonel James Williams when Hicks was wounded in the leg at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Hill, James: James Hill was listed in Rees Bowen’s supplemental Kings Mountain ration roster as an Ensign and a wounded soldier.

Houston, James: FPA R7046- On 02October, William Maxwell, age 76, appeared in Rutherford County Tennessee court and testified that he was in the Mecklenburg County militia under Col Wade Hampton at Sumter’s defeat. Thereafter with his Captain James Houston, perhaps under Colonel James Williams, he was in the Battle of kings Mountain where Captain Houston received a disabling wound in the knee.

James, Joseph Rogers: FPA S32340 In Owen County Indiana, on 17Oct1836, Joseph Rogers Jones, age 80, testified that he was in a Burke County militia company which withdrew and waited for the Vols from across the mountains then went to Kings Mountain. He was wounded in both legs by a musket ball. He was in Captain Benjamin Hardin’s Company of Col McDowell’s militia. The pension of James was delayed bu War Department procedures requiring corroboration. Being a Baptist, James was perhaps unaware that Owen County Presbyterian neighbors, Andrew Evans, John McCullough, Samuel Newell, and John Snoddy might have been able to help.

Keller, DeVault: FPA S32358. On 16May1834, in Morgan County Indiana, DeVault Keller, age 85, testified that his left arm was shattered by a musket ball at Kings Mountain. Being a German with limited English skills, Keller was inconclusive about officers’ names, but indicated that he was under Colonel James Williams at Kings Mountain. Keller named Captain John Walters from earlier service, but none for Kings Mountain.

Kerr, David: FPA R5890. On08Jun1833 in Abbeville District SC, David Kerr, age 76, testified under oath that he was under Captain McCall and joined Col McDowell. He received two wounds from balls at Kings Mountain.

Lewis, James Martin: James was one of three Lewis brothers from the Pilot Mountain neighborhood of the Yadkin River wounded at Kings Mountain. Samuel Newell’s May 1823 letter to David Campbell named James, Micajah, and Joel Lewis under treatment of Doctor Joseph Dobson at the home of John Mackey in Burke County. Lyman Draper listed James Lewis in the manuscript of Kings Mountain and its Heroes, but the typesetter somehow changed Lewis to Smith.

Captain Martin’s unknown mortally wounded: Lyman Copeland Draper said that in Col Hammond’s corps, Captain Samuel Martin had four killed and two mortally wounded from his company of twenty. Since Hammond did not go to Kings Mountain, we list them under Col Graham who led them toward the battle, then left them for an emergency under Major William Chronicle. Moses Henry’s widow stated that he was mortally wounded from Martin’s company. James Collins names William Watson as mortally wounded though Hugh Allison named him as KIA. Collins called Watson a captain, so we might guess that in the interchangeable militia officers’ corps, Watson was not in Martin’s company. Alexander Caldwell was named as mortally wounded by Allison who stated that he was in James Meek’s company. Though we guess that Caldwell was not in Martin’s company and that William Watson was not the other mortally wounded man, it is possible that one of them was the other mortally wounded man mentioned.

Captain Martin’s unknown KIA: Captain Samuel Martin (S9003) said that four of his company were killed. Four patriots from Hammond’s corps are known to be among those killed in action at BKM. The named KIA are John Maddox, John Boyd, William Chronicle, and William Rabb. We can guess that Martin did not consider Major Chronicle among the four. That leaves one unknown KIA from his 20 men.

McCulloch, Robert: Lewis Preston Summers listed Robert McCulloch (aka McCullock, aka McCullough) in his Annals of Southwest Virginia as wounded at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Neely, Joseph: In his 10Feb1834 deposition, Joseph Neely stated that he was serving under Captain John Douglas of Caswell County North Carolina and Col James Williams of South Carolina when he was wounded on 07Oct1780 at Kings Mountain. He was escorted home by two attendants with another wounded patriot.

Parks, Henry: FPA S31898. On 03Sep1832 in Franklin County Georgia, Henry Parks, age 74, deposed that he was under Captain Lewis and Colonel Cleveland from Wilkes County NC at Kings Mountain where he was wounded by a rifle ball through the arm.

Rainey, John: In his book Commanders at Kings Mountain, Rev. JD Bailey of Gaffney SC (1926) wrote (p306) that Private John Rainey of Georgia died on 08Oct1780 the day after the battle. Rainey died at the Jacob Randall place NE of Blacksburg SC, and was buried on the premises. Colonel James Williams also expired there, but was carried on across Buffalo Creek for burial with military ceremony.

Reed, Joseph: FPA W1484. On 29Sep1828, from Knoxville Tennessee, Joseph Reed appealed to the War Department for an increase in his 1823 pension stating debilitating wounds received 07Oct1780 at Kings Mountain under Captain Joel Lewis and Colonel Benjamin Cleveland. The file indicates that his pension was increased from $5.33 1/3 per month to $8.00 per month.

Ridge, William: FPA W1044. In the Archive file of Captain Salathiel Martin, several pages involve his testimony in a dispute by the heirs of William Ridge. Captain Martin stated “the death of William Ridge in 1780 after the battle of Kings Mountain.” That statement is interpreted to mean that Ridge was mortally wounded and died after the battle.

Shelby’s unknown soldier: Colonel Isaac Shelby provided no casualty report with the other commanders at Bethabara after BKM. Draper on page 304 states that Shelby surely had more than the three named wounded among his ranks.
Houser Town, Salem, and Bethany (Bethania) are named by several BKM veterans as specific Moravian Towns. Many mentioned just the Moravian Towns. The main body of Tory prisoners was at Bathabara where Cleveland, Shelby, and Campbell wrote the battle report about 26Oct1780.

Simmons, Joseph: FPA s3909. (aka Seamons) On 07Sep1833 in Greene County Tennessee, home of BKM chaplain Samuel Doak’s Tusculum College, Joseph Simmons testified that he was at the battle of Kings Mountain under Captain Nall and Colonel Cleveland where he was wounded in the leg.

Tanner, Josiah: FPA W9503. On14Aug1843 in Johnson County Indiana, Martha Lemaster, age 87, widow of Josiah Tanner testified that Josiah was wounded in the arm at Kings Mountain under Captain Vardry McBee and Colonel James Williams.

Toms, Thomas: Will Graves transcribed and filed as VA3, the letter to congress from the War Department 25Apr1794. Toms was under Captain George Maxwell and suffered multiple debilitating wounds at the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Trammel brother: FPA R10674 On 23Oct1832 in Lincoln County Georgia, Peter Trammel testified that in his brother Dennis Trammel’s company with the scattered remnant of Col Elijah Clarke’s Georgians, their unnamed Trammel brother returned from Watauga to fight at Kings Mountain and was wounded there.

Tubb, John: FPA S32560. On 24Oct1832 in Perry County Alabama, 74 year old John Tubb that he was a scout and spy wounded at BKM. He was among the “South Fork Boys” of Lincoln County NC under Captain James Holland or John Carruth at times. As a militia soldier he was probably with Major William Chronicle.

Vernon, Richard: FPA S13795 On 24Jul1832, in Warren County Kentucky, William Lowe testified that he was in the Battle of Kings Mountain under Colonel Benjamin Cleveland and Captain Minor Smith. There his Lieutenant Richard Varnil (Vernon) was wounded and died a day or two later. Instead of going with the others to Moravian town, he stayed to attend to William Hannah, also wounded (near Dr. Joseph Dobson’s below the Catawba upstream from Morganton) until he died.

Virginia officer: In 1823, Samuel Newell attempted to name 15 killed and 20 wounded from Colonel Campbell’s official report. There were 13 officer casualties of whom he could not recall two. There were nine privates whose names he did not recall. Gathering names from all current sources there are 35 identified Virginians, but only Sgt Baker is identified as an officer. This leaves us to guess that at least one private escaped Campbell’s and Newell’s attention and yet one or two officers are unnamed.

Wakefield, Henry: FPA W35. On 28Aug1832 in Smith County Tennessee, Henry Wakefield, age 81, stated that he went from Burke County under Captain John Russell of McDowell’s regiment to the Battle of Kings Mountain where he was wounded in the mouth.

Walker, Robert: Bobby Gilmer Moss found in the South Carolina Treasury records that Robert Walker was under Captain John Mills in Colonel Lacey’s command at Kings Mountain where he was wounded through the body near the heart.

Wallace, John: FPA S32572 On 14Aug1832 in Bibb County Alabama, John Wallace, age 73, deposed that he was in Captain Roger Topp’s Burke County rangers of McDowell’s militia at the Battle of Kings Mountain where he received two wounds. He lived in Sullivan County though he served in the Burke County militia.

Watson, William: James P Collins testified (FPA R2173) that Captain William Watson was mortally wounded at Kings Mountain. In R157, Hugh Allison stated that Watson, a brother in law of Col. Moffett, was killed. The battlefield monuments show Private William Watson killed. Patriot Watson was a captain who was not buried on the battlefield with the four other Lincoln County casualties. Thus we assume that the Collins “mortally wounded” testimony was the accurate one of the two. Captain William Watson should be shown with the mortally wounded.

Undocumented other possible additions:

Blackwood, Joseph: The early records of Long Creek Presbyterian near Bessemer City NC were lost to fire. Local tradition holds that the first marked burial in their cemetery on 22Oct1780 was Joseph Blackwood, who was mortally wounded at BKM. Gastonia Daily Gazette, 15Nov1938, article by W. F. Marshall

Rainey, John: In his 1921 Gaffney SC book Commanders of Kings Mountain, Rev JD Bailey wrote (p 306) that John Rainey, a private from Georgia, died in the early afternoon 08Oct1780 on the plantation of Jacob Randall a few miles from the Kings Mountain battlefield. He was buried a short distance from the house overlooking a stream. James Williams died at the same location, but his body was carried on across Buffalo Creek and buried overlooking Broad river. Bobby Moss said that Bailey’s Commanders at Kings Mountain was generally reliable. Bobby was unsure precisely where the place was, but recalled that a monument was removed during highway construction.

Less than convincing claims for a BKM Purple Heart:

Anderson, William: In Federal Pension Application (FPA) file R206, 78 year old William Anderson swore before the Davidson County court in Nashville, Tennessee on 06May1739, that he was wounded at the Battle of Kings Mountain under Captain McDowell of Colonel Morgan’s regiment. Bobby Moss is inclined to believe that the old soldier was confused about details, but was honestly wounded at Kings Mountain. The War Department rejected Anderson’s pension application. Witness John Nesbitt of Dickson Co TN certificate 19516 missing from the archives.

Lusk, William: Lewis Summers’ Annals of SW VA lists William Lusk as a private at Kings Mountain. In November session, Washington County Virginia tended to militia business from Kings Mountain. One of their actions was to place the six orphans of William Lusk, deceased, into Abingdon homes. The mystery is that there was no estate settlement nor mention of Mrs. Lusk, reputed to be a Margaret Vance of Augusta County VA. Some rumors are that she ran off with another man. Was William a suicide instead of KIA? William Lusk Sr will of 20Aug1771 in Augusta County names sons William and John in Carolina. Samuel Lusk, relation unknown, was certainly in Burke County on Silver Creek. Adam Lusk lived in Aaron Lewis’ precinct in Washington Co VA. William Lusk was reputed to live between Wolf Creek and Spring Creek near Abingdon, but the county surveyor made no entry.

McDaniel, Henry: FPA R6678. On 25Sep1832 in Gallia County Ohio, Henry McDaniel testified that he was under Colonel Lynch and Captain Thomas Arthur of Bedford County Virginia at the battle of Kings Mountain where he was wounded in the thigh. Only one other soldier, John Abston, mentioned Colonel Lynch at Kings Mountain. Abston’s pension application was rejected. Perhaps McDaniel erred in naming Kings Mountain. Perhaps he erred in failing to name a change of command among the fluid militia units of southwest Virginia.

Neighbors, Benjamin: FPA S19000. On 09Oct1834 in Pickens District South Carolina, William Neighbors, age 72, testified that he was under Captain William Smith of Sumter’s remnant at the battle of Kings Mountain where he was twice wounded. That probably meant they were under Colonel James Williams. One other soldier, Benjamin Smith, named Captain William Smith, but in Elijah Clarke’s command. Perhaps we should add two William Smiths and Lt Absolom Thompson to the roster of BKM participants. Another alternative is to remove Benjamin Neighbors from our BKM roster.

Peery John: Louise Leslie on p291 of “Tazewell County” 1982 states that William Peery was wounded at BKM under Rees Bowen. William Cecil Pendleton in his 1920 Tazewell County history supplements Draper’s BKM account with some local county items, but does not mention a Peery injury. David E Johnston in his 1906 History of Middle New River names John Peery as wounded at BKM. He also states that one of two Thomas Peery’s was killed at Kings Mountain. Relying more on the earlier account, we’d trust Johnston’s John Peery over Leslie’s William Peery statement.

Peery Thomas: David E Johnston in his 1906 History of Middle New River names Thomas Peery the distiller and Thomas Peery the blacksmith as both in Rees Bowen’s company at BKM. John Peery as wounded at BKM. He also states that one of two Thomas Peery’s was killed at Kings Mountain, but did not know which one. The northeast mountainous areas of old Fincastle County tended to take care of their own business informally until their local counties were formed. Being at the remote border of Washington and Montgomery counties near the watershed divide of New River and Clinch River, a check of each county journal yields no Thomas Peery information.

White, Joseph: KK White states that Joseph White was wounded. Given the title of her book The Kings Mountain Men, that leaves the clear impression that White was wounded at Kings Mountain. From a number of FPA’s Bobby Gilmer Moss properly states that White was wounded at a skirmish on Cain Creek and thereafter fought at Kings Mountain.

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