Lincoln County NC, Col William Graham was sent home for an emergency and Major William Chronicle took command.

When he heard the battle starting, Graham returned.

Alexander James Graham White, Isaac W12190
Armstrong Matthew Graham Chronicle AA152A
Barkley Robert Graham w17252
Barry Andrew Graham Dickson S9003
Boyd John Graham k
Bradley William Graham w W8399
Caldwell Alexander Graham Wm Watson D R157
Caldwell Samuel Graham White w528
Carson William Graham Martin S9305
Chittam John Graham Martin w s10116
Chronicle William Graham Maj k Heroes
Cobb David Graham Lofton a r2071
Conn James Graham w s15386
Dellinger John Graham W19180
Dickson Joseph Graham major S9003
Duff James Graham Capt S2779
Espey James Graham White s31669
Espey Samuel Graham w s6824
Floyd Andrew Graham S21757
Forney Abraham Graham w3976
Furgason James Graham Isaac White s1816
Gilmer Enoch Graham Chronicle Heroes
Gilmer William Graham Chronicle w Heroes
Glenn James Graham Henry, Malcolm S21768
Goforth Preston Graham k Heroes
Hambright Frederick Graham lt col w R4504
Hambright John Graham s932
Henry James Graham Draper
Henry John Graham Henry k r4382
Henry Joseph Graham Henry, Malcolm W10096
Henry Malcolm Graham Capt S21768
Henry Moses Graham Capt d R4382
Henry Robert Graham Chronicle w W22727
Hill James Graham W3815
Hill Thomas Graham White W663
Hofstalar George Graham White  S15176
Johnson James Graham Capt w19187
Kincaid John Graham sc  remnant W12029
Leeper Matthew Graham White W26205
Lofton Thomas Graham capt S17114
Logan William Graham Beattie ?? S18955
Martin Samuel Graham capt S9003
Mattocks Charles Graham Mattocks WLA
Mattocks John Graham capt k WLA
McCallon Jamaes Graham Duff . James S2779
McLaen Alexander Graham Chronicle S17575
McLean Charles Graham WLA
McLean Ephrain Graham ?
McLean William Graham doctor WLA
Moore Samuel Graham S8471
Musick Lewis Graham spy S31853
Newton Benjamin Graham Mattocks W21837
Patterson Arthur Sr Graham Chronicle
Rabb William Graham kx WL Alexander
Rowan Benjamin Graham Duff s35049
Sailors Philip Graham McKissick R9143
Shannon Robert Graham Henry r9420
Tubb John Graham Carruth w S32560
Twitty William Graham spy
Watson William Graham Chronicle d r2173
Weir John Graham Scout kk white
White Isaac Graham Capt S16176
White Thomas Graham Whiteside w1047


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